Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Vintage Outfit Post-Beach Pajamas

In yesterdays post I wrote about beach pajamas and how I think they are do for a style revival as comfortable and stylish casual wear.   I have two sets of beach pajamas that I absolutely love, they are the most comfortable clothes I own.  I just got my most recent set from my favorite vintage repro seller, Time Machine Vintage, on Etsy, and I really do love them.  As I don't have a fancy 1930s resort to visit:

I wore my beach pajamas for a Saturday at home.  Kim from Time Machine vintage did another amazing job with these.  The fabric is a deco floral with a sort of 1960s feel to it.  I decided to take some pictures on our deck:

The pajamas even have a white cape jacket:

and the cape is lined with the same deco fabric:

The dogs seemed to like the pajamas too:

After the deck pictures I decided to take a walk down by the Jersey City waterfront the pajamas could at least get near the water.

While we were down there we had some delicious donuts at Sam AM:

(Another benefit of beach pajamas, they are forgivingly loose and comfy like sweats, so you have room for donuts!)

Beach pajamas, at least if you ask me, definitely deserve a comeback!

Outfit Details:

Beach Pajamas and Cape Time Machine Vintage on Etsy
Sun Hat, Anthropoligie
Coconut Purse, Etsy
Sunglasses, Target
Bakelite Bangle, Thrifted
Shoes, which you can't really see, Payless


  1. The more beach pajamas you post, the more I can't wait to add some to my post pregnancy sewing list. I'm thinking if they are forgiving enough for doughnuts, they have to be okay for post partum mommy tummy, too.
    I'm completely landlocked in the mountains, so being that close to the ocean constitutes beachwear to me, lol.

  2. That outfit is absolutely adorable and I love the cape with its matching lining!

  3. You look amazing in those new beach pajamas. SO do you sleep in the pajamas or are they more like casual clothes? They sort of look too nice to sleep in. LOL

  4. Eeeppp!!! You're practically slaying me with your off-the-charts wonderful 1930s summer style here. The white cape is the clincher for me - tres chic as the day is long!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Another beautiful beach pajama. You look wonderful!
    Love the color and floral design. Oh, and I love the inside of the cape has same fabric!

  6. This is so much fabulous I can't stand it. I want to integrate capes into my wardrobe.

  7. eeeek! this outfit is so cute ... i especially love the two-sides-cape ...

  8. That is fabulous, I always admire the beach pyjamas I see in Poirot, they look so glamorous.


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