Monday, November 30, 2015

Product Review-Puppy Bumper

Since my parents gave my husband and I Tubby as a wedding present 14 years ago, we have been small dog owners.   However, until Tuvok joined our home after Tubby's passing, we had never been tiny dog owners, and there is a difference. Pugs are small, but they have formidable necks.  

Exhibit A: Bulbous Pug neck

In fact it often seems that pugs are mostly made up of neck.   This is not the case with toy poodles, who have tiny delicate necks to match their tiny frames.

Exhibit B: Toy Poodle with Correspondingly Teensy neck

Now my husband and I have a  small, but well fenced, outdoor space in the back of our house.  It can't properly be called a yard because like many home in our urban area its where we park our car and to accommodate this there is no grass.  It is however, a large space for the city and plenty big enough for our dogs to run and play in.  We paid a pretty penny to have it securely fenced and gated years before Tuvok joined our home.  We showed the men who installed our fence the dogs we had at that time and they built the fence to accommodate them.  Well it doesn't do as well at accommodating Mr. Tuvok.  

Now, we never leave our dogs outside alone, but one day as I was going back in to get our senior lady Ping and carry her down the deck stairs I heard a shout from my neighbor.  While my back was turn Tuvok had squeezed out of an infinitesimal space near the front gate.   When my neighbor shouted Tuvok immediately went back in, but the cat, or rather the toy poodle, was out of the bag.  I knew we had to do something to make the yard safer for Tuvok. 

  We really couldn't afford to have the whole yard re-fenced just a few years after getting it done the first time.  Plus the space by the gate was so small I doubted it could even be made smaller and still allow the gate to function.  I distantly remembered seeing an add for something called puppy bumpers in Bark magazine.  I went online and did some research and found the solution to our problem.   Puppy Bumpers are light weight donut shaped pillow type collars.  They were developed by Ann Price to solve the problem of her 6 lb maltese squeezing through a baby gate.    Basically, the way puppy bumpers work is you put them on your small necked dog and instantly they have a neck width to rival a chunky pug.

Puppy Bumpers come in sizes to fit dogs from 4-20 lbs and a wide range of colors and fabrics, including tough fabric and glow in  the dark fabric.   Since the Holliday's are approaching we got Tuvok a Christmas one.  

I guess after the Holidays are over we may be shopping for a different bumper.

Tuvok is very good about wearing his Puppy Bumper, in fact he doesn't seem to mind it at all.  Puppy Bumpers, are very easy to put on, they can have a collar slipped through them for extra security, or you can just use the snap like I do.  Tuvok has never tried to get his off and I've checked that its quite secure.   Tuvok is a very velcro-ey type dog and generally never leaves my side, in fact since the original incident I've never even seen him by the gate.   I'm cautious by nature though and so now he wears his puppy bumper if I can't give him mytotal undivided attention in the yard.    I still would never leave him outside alone, but I feel much safer knowing he can't try to squeeze out the fence while my back is turned.   Puppy Bumpers sell for about twenty dollars and are available on the Puppy Bumpers website and on  Amazon, even better if you have Amazon prime they  ship for free.   

Monday, November 23, 2015

Vintage Thanksgiving Images and Classic Recipe

I'm guilty of being one of those people who sees Thanksgiving as a Christmas Preview.  I've  never loved turkey and tend to put my silver tree up before Thanksgiving day has dawned.   

I still think its fun to see images of Thanksgiving's past 

And while I'm not crazy about Turkey, I do enjoy a seasonal snack. Classic Chex Mix

Classic Chex Mix
8 cups mixed whole wheat, corn Chex, and rice Chex 
2 cups roasted unsalted mixed nuts
2 cups bite size pretzels
2 cups everything bagel Chips
2 sticks unsalted butter 
4 tbsp Worschestire Sauce
2 1/2 tsp seasoned salt
1 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp onion powder 

Stit the Chex, nuts, pretzels, and bagel chips.  Melt the butter and add seasonings. Pour over dry ingredients ands stir  toast in a large baking pan for 45 min to 1 hour at 225. Stir frequently

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Happy Belated Birthday Lulu and A 1920s Day Dress Vintage Outfit Post

November 14 marked the 109th anniversary of the birth of flapper icon Louise Brooks,

while she isn't my all time favorite flapper, I prefer the mad cap fun of Clara Bow to Louise's cool elegance, I do love her style. Lately, she's been a big inspiration. My latest bob is the most Louise like one yet 

And I recently got a ver Louise-ey 1920s day dress from Etsy seller Sew Vintage Seamstress. This dress is a repro made from a vintage pattern and it looks totally authentic.  

The inspiration was partly this simple dress worn by Louise in The Show Off.


I ordered the dress in July, being talented Sew Vintage gets lots of orders, so I've been planning the outfit for months and putting the various elements together for awhile.  The shoes are from American Duchess and very comfy and just like the 1920s originals. 

The gloves and bag I got from Adeline's Attic and they are authentic 1920s. 

I also git a really pretty velvet cloche from her that really only works with a Louise type Bob. You can't have a lot of hair under this hat.

And since every outfit needs a canine or feline element a vintage poodle pin from fellow vintage blogger Chronically Vintage's Etsy shop. 

If you've never seen Louise's films then due yourself a favor and check them out. Pandora's Box and Diary of a Lost Girl are available on Hulus criterion collection and many clips, and even whole films, can be seen on you tube. Here's a clip from The Show Off: 

And We Are Back

I can be kind of impulsive five years ago, I impulsively decided to start a blog and four months ago I impulsively decided to stop.  Blogging was in danger of becoming a chore.  I felt guilty when I couldn't visit other blogs and was worried my posts where not up to par.  Loosing my beloved Norbert and Tubby was hard too, and I felt less inspiration without them.

Plus puppies are hard work and Fry and Mr.  Tuvok keep me busy 

Plus their older canine and feline brothers and sisters.

Lately though, in large part due to my new Samsung camera phone, I've been feeling renewed interest and I'm ready to give blogging another go. So what have we been up too.   

We enjoyed summer

And fall

And Halloween

Fry's first birthday 

And Tuvok's 

And now we are getting ready for the Hollidays

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