Sunday, May 31, 2015

Silent Film Sunday Clara Bow in 1927's Hula

Polynesian and Tiki culture first entered American life in the 1930s and peaked in the late 50s and early 60s when Hawaii became a state.   However, as in all things flapper film star Clara Bow was ahead of the times.  In 1927 she starred in the pre-code film Hula as the wild child daughter of a pineapple plantation owner.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday's With Fred-Young Fred and Tige the Pitbull

Fred Astaire didn't start his film career until he was in his thirties, but he was already a seasoned performer.  He began dancing on the vaudeville circuit with his sister Adele when he was only 5 years old!  The picture below of Fred with a pit bull was probably taken when he was about ten years old.   He looks so cute, already dapper in his buster brown collar.  Though he is very young can still recognize that distinctive long face, homely but handsome (or at least I think so).   Im not sure if this dog was Fred's own or a fellow performer, dog acts where very popular in vaudeville.  I remember reading in Fred's autobiography Steps in Time that he and his sister Adele used to open for a dog act.  One copy of this image  listed the dogs name as Tige, but I have know idea if its accurate or not.  Regardless, the photo is a lovely reminder of a time when pit bulls where recognize for the great, intelligent, and  loving family dogs they are.  

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Purse Dog

Tuvok's first hair cut is a hit (and yes I make him walk, he's not really a purse dog).

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Vintage Outfit Post 1930s Playsuit from Nudee Dudee

The first pant like garment for women, created by women's rights advocate  Amelia Bloomer appeared in 1851

 but it wasn't until the 1920s that trousers for leisure wear became truly socially  acceptable.  That of course led fashion dare Devils to look for another clothing item to  shock with, enter shorts.  Shorts for leisure wear first began regularly appearing in the 1930s and wear pretty common place by the 40s and everywhere by the 1950s.  The most common shorts garment in the 1930s was the play suit.

This set is definitely 40s, but that matching hat swoon! 

Genuine 1930s shorts are a pretty rare find and they'll set you back a pretty penny.  Guermantes vintage has an amazing pair in their etsy shop now

So what's a vintage lover with a shorts shaped whole in their summer wardrobe  to do? Repro of course.  Thankfully Nudee Dudee has amazing late 30s shorts play suit for sale, trimmed with authentic vintage buttons and belts if genuine 1930s feed sack.  I got my suit last summer and I adore it.

I wear it with my thrifted Bakelite bangles, remix sandles, and luxulite pepper hair clip.

According to Nudee Dudees Facebook page there's a new mint green version of the shorts set in the works.  I'm definitely nabbing it, white is awfully hard to keep clean with 5 dogs.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day Silent Film- Wings 1927

Filmed in 1927 Wings is an epic WWI drama telling the story of three friends, one played by Clara Bow, and their war time adventures.  It's also famous for featuring cinemas first same sex kiss.  Here are four amazing clips from the film:

Clara Bow as the Girl next store:

The Paris party scene: 

The aerial battle: 

The famous kiss

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Cone of Shame

Thanks for all the well wishes. Poor Fry in addition to the neuter Dr.  Bucholtz had to pull four residual baby teeth.  When we went to pick him up he warned us that Fry looked pretty pathetic. I don't think he was lying. 

Luckily he should recover soon. I'm very lucky to have a vet that really understands pugs and their special needs. He did complete blood work, had fry on IV fluids throughout the procedure, used a combination of gas anesthetic and injectable and had him intubated until he was fully awake.  Plus he listened to my concerns and acknowledged that pugs could be tricky with anesthesia.  I don't think I'd trust a vet who didn't.  (Note: if Fry's dad looks a bit unhappy too it could be the 600 dollar bill).  

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Fry's Favorite Toy

Recently I made a purchase from doggyloot of two caitec amazing squeaker balls:  

When I opened the package I was a little leery. The ball looked more like a cat toy then a dog toy.   I feared it might possibly be a chokable.  (I'm a special education teacher and  when I've worked with severely disabled kids any toy they might possibly swallow and chock on was referred to as a chokable).  I decided to give it a try with close supervision.   I'm glad I did  because this is Fry's total favorite toy ever.  He goes mad for it.  In fact he now only plays with it with supervision because Im afraid of losing it and breaking his little puggie heart.  Its hard to see in the video, with Weasley trying to tackle him, but he has 100% recall with it for fetch.  

Proud momma brag: but Isn't he just the cutest thing?  If you could send good vibes I'd appreciate it because he is getting snipped on Thursday and I'm a bit nervous about the anesthesia for piggies.  

Monday, May 18, 2015

Poodle Fashion Inspiration

I have admit that part of my motivation for choosing a toy poodle as a new family member , aside from the size, my husband has a 25 lb weight limit for all new additions, excellent health,  and the sweet temperament, where the many wonderful vintage images of poodles.  My favorite being this one..

By artist Gil Elvgreen.  

With Tuvok still in show coat, he's getting a clip on Saturday I just couldn't resist 

I think he looks pretty darn cute.   In fact I'm going to keep the top knot and tail Pom Pom when he's clipped so he can keep sporting bows.  Tuvok doesn't seem to mind. So far his absolute favorite thing is being combed.   Tuvok's hair bows are from The Pooch Patch on Etsy. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Birthday Ping

Our only girl celebrated her 12th birthday this weekend. 

She is deaf and arthritic, but she loves to eat!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Rockefeller Preserve and Stone Barns

This Saturday we drove an hour outside of jersey city to visit the Rockefeller Preserve I Sleepy Hollow with Weasley and Fry.   It's a large state park with a working farm, Stone Barns, and a resteraunt and cafe.  
The farm serves an agricultural education center, and best of all its all dog friendly. 

If you live anywhere near NYC then Stone Barns is a great place to visit for a county walk and a snack. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Flapper Friday Cherry Blossoms

May means the fleeting beauty of the cherry blossoms, one if my favorite flowers.   They explode all over NJ and NYC and fade all too soon. 

That's one reason I was so pleased to find this beautiful 1920s dress from Guermantes Vintage with a print that at least to me suggests my favorite spring bloom. 

The 1920s, along with the 30s, are my favorite era but this is my first authentic 1920s dress.   I paired it with my 20s cloche from Fab Gabs and a 1930s crochet purse, crochet 30s gloves, and celluloid depression era sunglasses.

The gloves and glasses are from Adeline's Attic.  I can't remember the purses origins

I quite like this deco look. It puts a bit if Spring in my step. 

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