Sunday, April 9, 2017

Golden Girl-A Vintage Outfit Post and a Review of Piplotex's 1950s Cigarette Pants

Obviously I dress up all the time, but I always try to wear something a bit extra special on my birthday.  This year for my 39th it was Piplotex's cigarette pants in gold lame.  

I figured I should celebrate the beginning of my last year in my 30s with something a bit wild and outside my comfort zone, and gold lame pants are definitely perfect for that!

These pant's are just amazing, I adore them.  They are cut just like the 1950's originals with a high waist and slim cropped legs.  They look like they came straight out of a late 1950s Frederick's of Hollywood catalog

except they are much better.  Piplotex sells the in a range of sizes but they will also custom make them to your figure.  Since I'm short that is the option I went for.

 I wore my new pants with my Freddie's of Pinewood Beatnick top, which I've personalized with a genuine 1950s letter K sweater applique, 1950s style gold hoops from Mrs. Polly's lucite, remix flats, and my beloved 1950's novelty cat purse.

I don't usually wear anything as fitted as these pants so I was a bit nervous ordering them,  however Piplotex has absolutely amazing customer service ad worked with me.  The pants arrived amazingly fast and while they are fitted I was pleased that they are not skin tight  and they are super comfortable.  

The gold lame version of these pants has now sold out and I'm so glad I nabbed them when I did, but they are still available in a wide range of fabrics and beautiful colors and for a great price just $64.00, which is amazing for a hand made garment.

I'm hoping my style will get ever more eccentric and wild with every passing year and these pants are certainly a step in the right direction.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Weasley's Guide to MST3K 5 Essential Episodes

Everyone who knows me knows I just love, love, love Mystery Science Theatre 3000.  The 90s cult show about a guy in space forced to watch bad movies with his robot palls.

It combined to  of my absolute favorite things vintage (in the form of cheesy old movies) and sci-fi, in one cute and quirky package.   In fact I'm so crazy about MST3K that for Weasley's 5th birthday one of his gifts was a Gizmonic jump suit like the one MST3K host Joel wears. 

Deb from Pug Possessed made it and she did an amazing job.  I decided Weasley's jumpsuit is the perfect segue way into an MST3K essential episodes post.  Now as you can see I have a lot of MST3K box sets:

and would you believe I don't even have all of them!  Some are really hard to find.  So it wasn't easy picking 5 essential episodes and these aren't even necessarily my favorites, they are just 5 I really like (this blog feature may have to be ongoing).  Here they are in no particular order:

1) Manos The Hand's Fate: The uninitiated bad movie viewer who asks the questions How bad can a movie really get? and How funny can a bad movie be?  Needs to watch this crazy thing.  It was made on a bet by an insurance and fertilizer sales man, he also plays father in the film.  I guess he won the best because the movie is pretty famous now..   The resulting film is completely incoherent and totally hilarious.  It also features a black toy poodle though he comes to a tragic end.

This episode also features the hilarious Chevrolet short, Hired!  Manos The Hands of Fate is available on Amazon for $12.99.

2) Cave Dwellers  This 1984 Italian fantasy film was featured in the first episode of the third season of MST3K.   It is a swords and sandals type film and a pretty dreadful rip off of Conan the Barbarian, but boy is it funny.  Along with a brain dead hero, a mute side kick, and heroine that looks like she is on the way to the mall, it features a snake that growls.  That alone makes it worth watching.  Here is Joel introducing the episode for a Turkey Day special he did in 2013.

Cave Dwellers is part of the volume 2 set of MST3K and is now horrifyingly expensive, but you can rent it from Amazon prime for a reasonable price.  Also Cave Dwellers is part two of a trilogy, yes there are three of these dreadful things, and part 1: Ator, The Fighting Eagle is now available on the Riff trax website.  It does not disappoint.

3) Laser Blast-This 1978 sci-fi film was aired during the 7th season of MST3K.  It has Roddy McDowell of Planet of the Apes fame in it and some seriously awful clay mation effects.  The bots and Mike make plenty of jokes about the fact that revered film critic Leonard Matlin gave this turkey two stars.   Mike also has a fun segment where he pretends to be Star Trek Voyager's Captain Janeway

Laser Blast is available as part of the MST3K 20th anniversary pack 
and it can be streamed on Netflix.

4) The Giant Gila Monster- This cheesy 1959 monster flick was shown during the shows 4th season.  Unsurprisingly there are a lot of giant (insert animal) movies shown on MST3K but this is my favorite.  The plot is typical 50s monster fodder, peppy teens are plagued by a giant Gila lizard (a very obviously normal sized Lizard walking past toy cars).  The songs and doofy dialogue make this a classic episode.

The Giant Gila monster is available as part of Volume 10.2 (now rare and pricey) or you can stream it on Netflix. 

5) Teenage Strangler-This 1968 teen murder mystery was aired during the shows 5th season.   Basically teenage couples are being viciously murdered and the prime suspect is Jimmy a high school student with an incredibly dweeby younger brother.  Then surprise!  It was the school janitor all along.  Hi-light's include the bots tricking Mike into wearing a pair of glasses that turn him into Mikey Jimmy's whiny younger brother from the movie:

  and Mike's hilarious closing song about janitors.

If you want a funny, silly, vintagey show you just cant  go wrong with MST3K it's like watching cheesy movies with your friends, if your friends where incredibly funny. 

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Product Review Besame Sweet Heart Glaze-On Sale Now!

First I want to apologize if I haven't been visiting your blogs as much lately.  I've been awfully busy at work and of course when I'm not working I want to spend quality time with the dogs and cats.   I've been thinking I'll have to scale back on posts to this blog to once or twice a week, maybe less, but I just had to do today's post because I wanted anyone interested to now about the great deal on Besame's website.  Their sweet heart lip glazes are now $5.00 each!

Anyone who reads this blog probably knows that Besame is my favorite cosmetic's company.  In fact with the exception of my Burt's Bee's BB cream it is the only cosmetic's brand I  use.   First off they make gorgeous vintage inspired cosmetics that really look like the orginals right down to the packaging.  Secondly they are cruelty free, no animal testing, which is a cosmetics must for me.

I am already fanatical about Besame's lipsticks,  I love their opaque one coat coverage and era authentic colors (see these posts: post one, post two, post three)  I tend to prefer a semi-matte lip stick, and naturally glosses are well, glossy.   Still when I saw them on sale for $5.00 It was a bargain I couldn't resist and I decided to spring for the Rose glaze.   Naturally like all Besame products the lip glaze arrived beautifully packaged.

The color in the container is an opalescent pink with a faint lilac tinge.

You can see the Rose glaze is opalescent and sheer with an purple tinge to its pinkness.   I found the color almost invisible on my lips when applied alone, it just gave the faintest hint of shimmer, I didn't bother to take a picture.   Then I decided to follow some advice on the Besame website and tried layering it over my Besame Exotic pink lipstick one of my favorite colors which unfortunately is no longer in stock.   It is subtle but  I really liked the effect.

Here is my Exotic Pink lipstick without the glaze.  

and here it is with the glaze on top.  In outdoor lighting:

and indoor:

Now is definitely the time to snatch up a Besame lip glaze is you are interested for $5.00  you can have shiny, glossy, vintagey lips!

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