Thursday, April 30, 2015

I Love My Pure Bred Dogs

As most readers of this blog now for 12 and a 1/2 years I shared my life with my big baby Norbert a 97 lb mutt.  

So I certainly love mixed breeds but today is National Pure Bred Dog Day and I am an unabashed fan of pure bred dogs.   I love the variety, the history, and the commitment of the pure bred dog world.  I love that people can find a dog that matches their life style. I'm very happy with my pugs and my bulldog.  I'm very greatful to the reputable breeders, they are out there, who work to better the breeds I love.   Reputable breeders where the driving force in the research that identified genetic markers for the terrible disease PDE that is the nightmare of every pug owner. Now breeders can screen their dogs and help prevent this terrible disease.  

As readers of this blog know we recently lost our dear Tubby at the age of 14.   In a few months time we will likely add another pup to our home and it will most likely be a pure bred. Probably a pug or maybe a toy poodle, two breeds that match our home perfectly. 

 If like me you love pure bred dogs then celebrate today. Post pictures of your pups on Twitter and Instagram and use #ilovemypurebreddog 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

No Your Never to Old for Dolls-Kistch Collectables Doll Purses

I'm always looking for cute and kitschy vintage clothing items  to collect.  I already adore brooches and any anything with a poodle on it, but now I  have discovered a new obsessions: purse dolls.   In the 1950s and 60s doll companies, such as the Italarts toy company in Italy, manufactured little girls purses that looked dolls.    Most of them were souvenir purses, meaning the dolls were costumed in the clothes of particular land.  Little girls probably received them as gifts when a relative returned from a trip.  Others were probably bought at tourist stands on family vacations.   While they were certainly meant to be child's purses I wasn't going to let that stop me.  As soon as I saw a doll purse on the charming Lost in the 50s blog, I had to have my own.  

Luckily, plenty of these doll purses still exist and can be found on Ebay and Etsy, often for very reasonable prices.  Although they are for children they are not that tiny.  The purse works by unzipping up the back of the skirt.  I got mine on Etsy.  She is dressed in a Western costume and is either meant to be Annie Oakely or just any lady from the American West.   She is also  in good hearty condition considering her age and while it she is meant for a little girl the purse is of a small, but decent size.  I was able to fit my keys, money, and ID in the purse.   (On another day I was also able to fit several dog biscuits inside for a walk). 

  I also like that the purse makes a cute display item. I keep on a shelf in my living room where I have my collection of vintage children's books.

If you crave your own purse doll there are plenty of options on Etsy and Ebay.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Day in Nyack

On Sunday we took our boys to Nyack, New York a little town on the Hudson.  It was a bit bittersweet because the last time we were hear was to celebrate Norbert's 12th birthday last summer.  Here are some pics from our day.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Simple Saturday

I want to thank  everyone who expressed sympathy about Tubby's passing.  His dad and I are of course missing him and also Norbert but we know how lucky we were.  Tubby had 14 years and Norbert 12 and a half, they passed quickly, without pain, and surrounded by love.  In retrospect we are glad their illnesses were quick and aggressive as that meant their suffering was short.  

On Saturday we decided to get out of the house for a lunch and dog park trip wuth Weasley and Fry, Bob and Ping do not like dog parks.  First we went to Hoboken to try Piccolo's Famous Cheesesteaks.  This is a vintage resteraunt established in 1955 and popular with Hoboken's most famous native son Frank Sinatra. 

I was actually a little disappointed with the cheese steak, it wasn't bad but it wasn't great either.  Weasley sure liked his taste though.

After cheese steak we went to Milk Sugar Love in Jersey City. 

This ice cream shop had ice cream for dogs and people.  

After Ice cream we headed to the dog park

Fry had fun. It was his first visit to a dog park. On the way home we picked up some antler chews. Fry had never had one before. He really likes them

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Goodbye to Tubby My Baby Boy

It pains me to write this since I so don't want it to be true but we had to say goodbye to Tubby.  

What initially seemed to be a urinary infection turned out to be prostate cancer that caused complete blockage of the bladder. This cancer is rare, my vet has seen it only one other time in twenty years. Unlike other prostate problems it happens to neutered dogs like Tubby.  It's very painful so our decision is clear. There were few warning signs, perhaps a little slower walk, until Tuesday when he couldn't pee.  I know I am lucky to have had 14 years, his birthday was March 29, but coming so soon after Norbert this is doubly hard.  The house feels empty even with 4 dogs and I just feel old and sad sad sad. I can say I am so happy to have Weasley and Fry having two young dogs keeps me going.  Months from now I'm sure they'll have a little brother. Maybe named in honor of my Tubby boy, Tubby TNG perhaps  ( a Star Trek reference).    

I can't write a fitting tribute to tubby. He was my first dog, a wedding present, I was 23.  For 14 years he was by my side.   I can't put the love I had for him in words 

From the house dogs grave by Robinson Jeffers, 1941

"You, man and woman, live so long, it is hard 
To think of you ever dying. 
A little dog could get tired, living so long.
You were never master, but friends.  I was your friend.  
I loved you well, and was loved. Deep love endures 
To the end and far past the end.  If this is my end, 
I am not lonely, I am not afraid. I am still yours." 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Vintage Collectables-Gloves

When it comes to vintage accessorizing I have long been obsessed with hats.  In facts it was my love of hats that first got me into dressing vintage and they remain my first love.  However, recently I have been falling hard for another vintage accessory, namely gloves.  Gloves have lots to offer.  They cover unsightly, un-manicured hands (mine), can be practical in cool weather, are in the realm of vintage style relatively affordable, and like hats they add a quick bit of style and personality to any outfit.  I am far from a glove expert, but I still wanted to do a quick post on vintage gloves styles decade by decade and on my own collection.  However, I must in all fairness direct any reader of this post to the pre-eminent vintage glove expert Jessica of Chronically vintage who has too utterly brilliant posts on gloves here and here.

1920s and 30s:

Gloves from this time period where generally either wrist length affairs, or my personal favorite gauntlet styles.  The gauntlet styles could be either more elaborate with details like pleating, buttons and spots:

Look at the amazing pleating on the gloves of the woman
on the left.

I love the square buttons on this pair. 

 This woman clearly needs to find a dalmation to walk in those gloves.

Or simpler with just a slight flair:


Poirot's Miss Lemon in a  pair of short 1930s style gauntlet gloves
 I  have a pair of plain brown gauntlet gloves that remind me of Miss Lemon's, I found them at the salvation army so I have no idea of the era, but they feel very 30s to me.

Evening during these decades would have meant elbow or wrist length gloves, either gauntlet style or slim:


Two flappers in amazing evening gloves, image source

Poirot's Miss Lemon in velvet evening gloves

 I have one pair of elbow gloves, part of a vintage glove lot I won on ebay.   I wore them to my friends wedding, and they were my favorite part of the outfit:
Spring and summertime in the 20s and 30s would have meant crochet gloves, often in white.

I have three pairs of crochet gloves.  One white and one tannish-gold and the third a more elaborate pair that I admittedly spent over my usual glove budget on, but they reminded me so much of my favorite pair of gloves on Poirot that when they went on sale  I couldn't resist. 

Gauntlet gloves where still worn in the 1940s, but they seem to have gone on a diet.  The new slimmer gauntlet gloves boasted only a slight flair but they still could make an outfit.

By the 1950s and early 60s slim, usually short,  gloves in white range of colors from pastels to brights where de riguer. 

Image Source, In this picture from 1949 the young girls are wearing the slimmer candy colored gloves that would be popular during the 50s.

The majority of my own glove collection consists of 1950s and 60s gloves I bought at the salvation army or in lots on ebay.  Though technically mid-century gloves I often pair them with 1920s, 30s, and 40s outfits.   


The 1960s where gloves last hurrah, and by the 1970s gloves for anything but a prom or a wedding would have raised eyebrows.

 The relative obscurity of gloves though, and the fact that the general public, outside of hard core vintage fans, has  pretty much no interest in wearing them on anything approaching a regular basis is what makes gloves so fun to collect.  Unlike other vintage items gloves are still  plentiful, and often inexpensive. Beaded and colorful styles, mostly made of nylon, from the 50s and 60s can be gotten for relatively little money if you are patient and watch ebay closely, or frequent estate sales.  Nearly all of my gloves, except the crochet pairs, are part of a large lot I bought on ebay  a few years ago for 25 dollars.  Also gloves are also the only vintage accessory I've had any success in finding at the salvation army.

If you want a vintage accessory to collect, gloves are a great place to start, just make sure you leave some for me!

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