Friday, May 30, 2014

Vintage Outfit Post-Flapper Fashion Friday

While my favorite fashion decade is without a doubt the 1930s I have quite a soft spot for the 1920s as well after all who doesn't love the adorable, vivacious flapper.

Fashions of the 1920s freed women from corsets, long skirts, restricting sleeves, and mountains of hair.  For the first time in history women where working, studying, playing sports, driving and socializing along side men and they were doing so wearing clothes that made those activities possible. 

1920s college students, image source
University of Texas Female Athletes, image source
Some "regular gal" flappers in their short dresses, image source
Office Workers, image source
Chevrolet add aimed at women drivers, image source
1920s party, image source

 For that reason 1920s fashions tend to be very comfortable and easy to wear.  While actual twenties garments are a rarity and extremely delicate due to age.   Reproductions can give you the look and freedom of flapper fashion.  About a year and ago I had a flapper dress made by Time Machine Vintage using the McCall 1920s Drop Waist one piece jumper dress pattern.

Kim, the seamstress behind Time Machine Vintage, found a great grey and white rayon fabric for my dress.  I love it and I'm not sure why I have not posted outfit pictures before, so when I wore it two Sundays ago I thought it was finally time for some pictures.  I had some fun trying  different vintage phto effects on the pictures:

Outfit Details

Dress Time Machine Vintage
Flapper Headband, Bonnet Boutique
Lavender Gloves, Ebay
Carved Celluloid Bracelet, Ebay
Stockings, What Katie Did
Shoes, Mod Cloth

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lets Take a Vintage Hawaiian Vacation

Having five dogs and three cats means I rarely, as in basically never, travel.  Now I absolutely don't mind this, I have no desire to leave my beloved pups and kitties behind at home, and I'm very much a home body at heart, still there are some places I'd like to see.  For example, I certainly wouldn't mind a sojourn to Hawaii, but the truth is I'd need a time machine to do it right.  I'd like to visit vintage Hawaii, the Hawaii of the 1920s-1950s before it was a state. 

1920s themed Hawaiian music group image source

1930s Hawaiian map
1930s Hula Dancers
1930s Hula Dancers, image source

1940s Post Card
1940s tiki costumes
Vintage Tiki Style Cocktails
Tiki culture peaked in the 1950s, and 60s with Polynesian themed restaurants, fashion, and design elements scene far from Hawaii:

Tiki Themed Bar, Image Source
Tiki Themed Hotel
Tiki fashions for the family, image source

  While tiki culture has faded into the past don't despair, there are still dozens of collectables to enjoy.  Below are just a few of the items I found on ebay and etsy:

1950s Tiki Kewpie Doll Lamp on sale on Ebay for $68

  • Vintage Siesta Ware Tiki Bar Glasses, Set of Five
    Add caption
    Vintage Siesta Ware Tiki Bar Glasses, Set of Five
    Add caption
1960s Tiki Pary Lights on Ebay for $59.95
Vintage Siesta Ware Tiki Bar Glasses, Set of Five

Siesta Ware Glasses from Etsy $20

Vintage Hawaii Souvenir Music Box Boy Tiki Bar Decor Hawaiian 1960's Tropical Kitschy Theme Palm Trees
Adorable Kitschy Tiki Music Box, $18 dollars on Etsy

_Mid Century Tiki Cocktail Napkins, The Hawaiian Islands Paradise Playland, Set of 25
Vintage Cocktail Napkins $18 on Etsy

1950s Souvenir Coconut Purse
1950s coconut purse, $17 Etsy

If clothing is more your thing there are lots of lovely reproduction Tiki clothes for sale on Etsy.   Jitterbuggin' makes a beautiful sarong dress:

50's Style Hawaiian Halter Sarong Dress in Green Bamboo Print

Nudee Dudee, also on Etsy, makes 1940s halter style Hawaiian dresses and Hawaiian shirts:

Tropical Alfred Shaheen reproduction LIMITED EDITION 1940s vintage style halter sundress NEW L

Ready to ship Hawaiian theme 1940s style rayon long sleeve blouse with NOS 40s buttons XS only

I myself have only one vintage Tiki item, my beloved coconut purse:

No matter where I am, it always gives me that vacation feeling.  I definitely hope to keep on expanding collection of Tiki items.   Aloha!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

If you like Pina Coladas.......

And pugs in costumes, and walks in the rain....

Yes the song is annoying, but the pupsickles they are apparently quite tasty.

Pina Colado Pupsickles

1 cup low fat plain yogurt
1/4 cup coconut water
1/2 cup chopped fresh pineapple
3 tbsp unsweetened coconut flakes

Put everything into blender and blend to smooth.  Pour in ice cube tray and freeze.  Enjoy!

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