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Monday, June 23, 2014

Beach Pajama Inspiration

In the past 70 years it seems that what we call leisure wear has changed a bit:

1930s leisure fashion, Image source

Leisure Fashion Today


Now I have no problem with casual clothes, my favorite pop culture icon James T. Kirk appears to have prophesied not just the cell phone but the velour track suit:

and I've walked my dogs in pajama pants and old t shirts plenty of times.  Still I feel my best, my most me, when I'm wearing my vintage style clothes.  Thankfully, embracing vintage style, particularly the looks of the 1930s, doesn't mean saying good bye to comfort.  1930s ladies had a brilliant summer solution to the stylish comfort dilemma, the beach pajama.
These loose fitting, breezy sets are every bit as comfortable as a pair of sweats, yet boast the glamour of an evening gown.  Finding an authentic set of 1930s beach pajamas would most likely be a difficult and pricey endeavor, but thankfully their are other options. 

For the home seamstress there are a number of patterns available on the internet, such as this pattern from Wearing History.

                                           Image Source
Or if your like me and you can barely sew on a button you can turn to a maker of repro clothing. 

If you are going to make or order your beach pajamas you'll need some style inspiration first, and you wont find it at all the mall or in any current magazines.  However, you will find it on the BBC's Poirot.  A veritable gold mine of 1930s style in the area of gorgeous beach pajamas Poirot does not disappoint. 

A mint green polka dot pair
Wide legged

Satiny Image Source 
Shorts version (not strictly beach pajamas but still cute)

The navy outfit on the left is a very tailored example of the beach pajama style, Image Source

Last year I got my first pair of beach pajamas from Time Machine Vintage, and they are probably the most comfortable clothes item I own:

The minute I  put them on I knew I would be ordering a second pair the following summer.  Another etsy shop with a thirties bend, Nudee Dudee, makes jump suits, sailor pants and striped shirts, that while not strictly beach pajamas, will make you think  you are on a cruise ship with the little Belgium.

Revamp vintage is another source for very authentic looking pajamas.


If you are interested in 1930s fashion and love comfortable clothes to wear outside the home in, then beach pajamas and their like are for you!


  1. I had no idea that was what the style was called.

  2. Oh I love the beach pajamas! They look both comfy and stylish!
    Love your beach pajama...such cute color. You look very lovely in in and hat!

  3. I just love beach pajamas. I've got a vintage and reproduction pattern. I've got the fabric just have to really get into it. There were some amazing prints! There is this great Tumbler account you might be interested called "Giant Pants of the 30s" so many great photographs. Love this post:)

  4. I actually don't think I've seen this fashion before, very interesting! They do look very comfy :)

  5. We love those beach jammies too

  6. Wonderful post and points - I had to let out a hearty chuckle when you said that Captain Kirk predicted cell phones and velour tracksuits. I think you're right - and one can't help but wonder what else his character might have foreshadowed about the 21st century?

    ♥ Jessica

  7. Love those wide legged outfits, I tried to make some in viscose to get that gorgeous drape you see in the originals, they went wrong though but will keep trying.


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