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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Leonard Nimoy-Heart Throb

My birthday is right around the corner.

and while I might not love everything about growing older, I do enjoy birthdays.  
One particularly thing I've always liked about my birthday is that I share it with one of the people I most admire, Leonard Nimoy.

I loved Leonard not just for his Mr. Spock role

but for his public profile that was always so kind and generous.  He was patient and appreciative of fans, and I really think used his celebrity status for good.  I really enjoyed reading his autobiography I Am  Spock and learning about his career and life.  It remains one of my favorite books, and certainly my favorite autobiography.   

Despite his ubiquitous link to his Vulcan alter ego,  Leonard had an interesting and varied career that spanned that later half of the 20th century.  One aspect of that career did surprise me somewhat, his 1960s and 70s status as a heart throb.

While it makes perfect sense that Nimoy's nerdy outside character Spock would appeal to angst ridden 1960's teens (see below this touching letter Nimoy wrote to a young fan struggling with her bi-racial heritage, Spock of course was also bi-racial being half Vulcan and half human)

his popularity with female fans comes as something as a surprise, because well,  lets be honest Leonard Nimoy was not exactly handsome. 

Still, from the minute Star Trek appeared on the airwaves in 1966 it was Leonard Nimoy as Spock, rather then the more traditionally handsome William Shatner playing the womanizing Captain Kirk

who got the majority of female fans attention.  Something that Shatner has admitted irked him a bit at the time.

 So surprising was Nimoy's popularity with female fans that none other then famed science fiction author and Star Trek screen writer Issac Assimov wrote an article about the phenomenon.  You can read it here.   It is a great vintage article and dream reading for any vintage loving pop culture geek like myself.  In the article, Assimov explains that his teen daughter finds Mr. Spock "dreamy" and speculates that this is because smart is sexy.  Personally, I think Shatner might have been more on the nose when he said that Spock's appeal lay in his inaccesability and the general human desire to want what we can't have.  Both are probably correct.

Personally, I love both Kirk and Spock, and possibly Kirk a teensy bit more.  I think the character get's less attention then Spock in general and I've always had a thing for the underdog.  Regardless, smart and nerdy is always best in my book.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Vintage Outfit Post-Poodle Pride from Girl In A Whirl

It should come as no surprise that I love poodles:

Both the in the fur variety, like my darling Mr. Tuvok, and the collectible 1950's variety  as seen on the purse. 

 The 1950's might not have been the golden age of everything, but they where definitely the golden age of the poodle.  Poodles where everywhere.  In advertisements, 

on skirts, sweaters,  


knick knacks, purses, book ends, mirrors, lamps

even toilet seat covers!.  

There is a whole book devoted to the mid century poodle collecting obsession.   I've never read it but you can buy it used on Amazon.

Maybe there not everyone's cup of tea, but to me these delightfully kitschy 1950s and 60s poodle images  just put modern dog graphics to shame.   

 So ubiquitous was the mid century poodle that I was actually shocked to learn that according to the AKC poodles where only the decade's 7th most popular breed. Regardless of the ranking, the poodle and the 1950s are forever linked.

Sadly today, I feel the poodle has fallen a bit out of favor.  Doodles are popular but poodles don't seem to get the same respect they used too.  

I am also troubled by the modern trend to groom a poodle into looking like some other breed of dog.  I have written before about how I want Mr. Tuvok to be groomed in a  traditional pet poodle style, and that can be a challenge.  Groomers have told me that most people  tell them to make their dogs look less like a poodle.   A sentiment that really kind of angers me, poodles are a wonderful breed, why would you want to disguise that?  Smart, companionable, athletic affectionate, and in a range of sizes, they really are fantastic.  Let's have some poodle pride!

With my love for dogs and vintage I can't get enough of dog themed vintage clothing, so when I saw that my favorite novelty skirt designer, Girl In A Whirl, was adding 1950's Mexican style tourist jackets to her wares I knew I wanted where my poodle pride on my sleeve with  a poodle themed jacket.  I messaged Girl In A Whirl designer,  Rebecca and told her I was dreaming of a jacket with little black poodles on it.  I wanted the poodles to have the classic well groomed 1950's look and to be wearing red berets.  Rebecca understood exactly what I meant and my new Girl In A Whirl jacket is perfect! 

I've been wearing it at least once a week since I got it and I never get tired of  it (and yes Mr. Tuvok has a red beret, it was actually part of his pug sister Ping's halloween costume a few years ago.)

 The picture's here are from two different occasions.  First I am wearing the jacet  with Freddies of Pinewood jeans and a striped top.  The second time with   with my Marie Guye western jumpsuit.   Both time's I wore my red Chatterblossom hair flower and of course my poodle purse.

I also added gold tone poodle scatter pins to the neck of the jacket.  I have had these forever and I forget where I got them but they only cost a couple of bucks and they are perfectly at home on the jacket.  Proof that it always pays to take advantage of a vintage deal even if your not totally sure what to do with the item.

Because Rebecca is so  talented the details of jacket are incredible.

The front of the jacket has red whip stitching and the poodles are wearing red bow ties to match their berets.

The pocket's have red whip stitching and pom pom trim

There is even a little K on the collar!

So the front is perfect, but the back is even better.  The poodles on the back are playing with a red and blue ball.

They have  little sparkly blue eyes and light blue bows, as well as berets:

I really think they look just like Mr. Tuvok!

Even the red ball is carefully stitched with blue ribbon to match the poodle neck bows.

I'm just so happy to have this jacket in my collection and so grateful to Girl In A Whirl for making it for me.  I know Ill be enjoying it, along with all other things poodle, for years to come.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Happy 5th Birthday Weasley!

I can't believe it my baby boy Weasley is 5!

Weasley is the first dog I got after starting blogging and it really reminds me of why I love blogging so much when I see the record of wonderful memories I have.  I almost can't read his welcome home post on my old blog Urban Hounds because I get so emotional seeing it, and really emotional seeing him with Tubby and Norbert.  Then I remember how incredibly lucky I am to share my life with these amazing creatures!  I'm truly blessed.  Five is certainly not old, but it's not exactly young either, and Weasley is now definitely a man pug!

Sadly the weather on Saturday and Sunday really didn't cooperate, cold, cold, cold!  So we couldn't go on any outings.  Instead Weasley enjoyed opening presents at home

He also got a cake.  I wasn't too happy about the pink frosting but it was the only one they had.  Weasley didn't seem to mind. 

Five is off to a good start we are hoping Weasley has a fabulous year!


Thursday, March 9, 2017

Spot's New Collar and Third Cross Stitch

Little Spot

Is not so little anymore.  In fact he grew to big for his collar.   I kept finding his grey break away collar around the house and when I went to put it back on him I realized it was a bit tight on his neck, so he was rubbing against thing's to get it off.  (Of course we only use break away collars on our cat's for safety.)  All our cat's are strictly indoor only, but Spot is the only one of the four to show any curiosity about the outside world.   He has gone out the door a few times and of course we always bring him back immediately, but I still feel he must wear a collar in case he escapes.  

15 years ago our now 16 year old cat Baby opened a screen in our Brooklyn basement apartment and was missing a week.  We papered Bay Ridge in fliers and miraculously found her but the experience has made me a maniac about preventing cat escapes.  (Interestingly it has also made Baby terrified of the outside world and she never even goes near the door.)   I never open windows, even with screen's, and I'm very careful about the door.  If a delivery person is coming the cat's get locked in a room.   I'm constantly checking on the cats, particularly, Spot, to make sure they are inside.  So the second I realized Spot's collar wasn't working I knew he needed another one.

Luckily I found a cute larger collar in the adorable etsy shop Furocious Kitty  and bonus!  It's a Star Trek collar, Spot is named after Commander Data's cat on Star Trek The Next Generation:

so this collar is perfect.   Spot and I both love this collar.  He has been wearing it three week's and hasn't tried to get it off yet.  

I love how the retro Star Trek fabric look's against his white fur and the live long and prosper tag is too cute.

I really recommend Furocious Kitty if you are in the market for a cat collar.  They have ton's of collar's with adorable charms in lot's of different themes Holidays, animals, food, etc.  I can already see myself purchasing some Holiday collars.  It's also nice that the shop caters exclusively to cats.  I think that's partly why the collar fits so well.   The collars are very reasonably prices, between $10 and $12, Spot's collar was $10 and the seller was very nice about answering my questions.  

In other news I finished my third geeky cross stitch.  This one is Fry and Leela from Futurama and I'm really happy with how it came out.   

I'm working on Twin Peak's themed cross stitch next.  

Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Staycation Week of Vintage Outfits

I had my winter break from work last week and John too off too.  I spent it doing my favorite things spending time with the dogs and cats, eating, watching Star Trek and Mystery Science Theatre 3000, and of course dressing up.  

As I mentioned in previous posts I have been selling off a lot of my clothes in order to fund new ones.  I have decided that in order for me to keep it an article of clothing needs to fit several criteria:

  1. It must be fun.  I'm old enough I'll dress as I like and I only want fun, happy clothes that make me smile.
  2. It must be comfortable. Despite what people thing full skirts and petticoats really are comfortable.  Nothing, not even sweat pants, are more comfortable then full skirts.
  3. Preferably it will be something I can wear while biking.  This isn't a total must but its a big plus.  Thankfully, most things can be biked in.  I find biking in high heels easier then walking in them and petticoats are a breeze to bike in.
  4. I have to love it.

Most of these outfits I have featured on here before, but some I have, the one's I haven't will get their own posts eventually but I thought it would be fun to record the week (actually 9 days with the two weekends.)  This was a very unusually warm February with temperatures in the 60s, hello global warming, so that is why so many of these outfits are spring like, and no I didn't wear them any place special.  I wore them to go out to lunch, to get bubble tea and to bike with the dogs.

Outfit Number , Saturday:  Jumpsuit from Maria Guye and Mexican Tourist jacket from Girl In A Whirl:

I bought this jumpsuit to wear to the NYC commicon but then we wound up not going due to massive lines that meant even ticket holders like us would have had a 3 to 4 hour wait in the rain.  I was very upset, but at least I love the jumpsuit! It, and the jacket, will get their own outfit post eventually.

Here are the accessories:


1950s gold tone poodle scatter pins, a red Chatter Blossom hair flower, cat's eye sun glasses, and my poodle purse (oh and of course pug and cat hairs).   The shoes are remix flats.

Outfit Number 2, Sunday:  Bernie Dexter Kitten Dress and Doll Me Up Cardigan:

Accessories: A pink snood from Arthelia's Attic (I love her snoods), a little 1950s or 60s  mink cat brooch with googly eyes (I think this was someone's craft project which is why I love it so much, pastel bakelite braces, Remix Baby Doll Pumps in ivory, a pink crinoline fro Amazon, pink dotted What Katie Did seamed panty hose, and my 1950's Siamese cat purse).

Outfit Number 3, Monday: This was my only outfit that consisted primarily of true vintage pieces.   1950's vintage western shirt, 1950's vintage western wool jacket and Freddies of Pinewood jeans.

Here is a close up of the embroidery on the blouse

Accessories: 1950's Western Barette, Luxulite Western Novelty Brooch,  Bakelite Bangles, and 1950's Novelty Horse Purse.

Day 4, Tuesday-A  1930s Winter Drindl by the Black Pinafore:

I did a full post on this outfit here.

The accessories: A 1940s Deer Brooch, Chatter Blossom Hair Flower, 1930's Embroidered Gloves and 1920's Needlepoint bag.

Day 5, Wednesday-Bernie Dexter Dress in Let Me Entertain You Print:   

This is my first Bernie Dexter dress in her long sleeved Nichole style and I love it!  This, along with short sleeved Kelly, is probably my favorite style of Bernie Dexter dress.

The print is super fun movie theatre themed novelty print that called for equally fun accessories. A chiffon hair scarf, primary colored bakelite bangles, a red crinoline from amazonMiss L Fire shoes, and luxulite earrings and necklace.

Day 6, Thursday-Rocket Skirt from Girl In A Whirl and Swell Dame 1950's style Blouse-

This was my 38th birthday outfit last year, you can read about it in this post.   The skirt is a copy of the cover of my favorite children's book, a Trip to The Moon, by M. Sasek.  It's about the early days of NASA in Cape Canaveral.

The accessories for this outfit where a Chatter Blossom hair flower, gold remix shoes, a white crinoline from Amazon, lucite purse,  and bakelite bangles.

Day 7, Friday- Bernie Dexter Kelly Dress in Ticket to Ride and 1960s Pale Yellow Cardigan:

This dress is in my beloved Kelly style, short sleeves and zip front, with a nice full skirt.  The print is adorable, different tickets!   I also low the color of the cardi, such a pretty soft yellow.  This is an outfit I definitely plan to post in more detail soon.  

Here are the accessories:


Yellow Chatter Blossom hair flower, pastel bakelite bangles, 1950s or 60s novelty train brooch, 1960's flower purse, Miss L Fire pumps, and a green crinoline from Amazon.

Day 8, Saturday-Mexican Dress and Jacket by Maria Guye:

This is actually a bit of a sneak preview.  I purchsed this dress as my gift to myself for my upcoming 39th birthday.  It was so beautiful though I couldn't resist wearing it early.   Like all of  Maria's clothes the construction is exquisite.
I'll definitely be writing more about it.

The accessories I paired with this are my beloved 1950s horse novelty purse, red Chatter Blossom hair flower, and Remix sandals.

Day 9, Sunday-1950s style Zip Front Jump Suit by Kim Clark 

Kim did such a great job with this jumpsuit!  It is so comfortable and the fabric is  a gorgeous sea foam green with gold thread, real vintage fabric.  I wore this is in August to Star Trek Mission New York and had my picture taken with LeVar Burton, see this post.

Accessories: 1950's Cat's Eye Sunglasses, Gold Belt from Amazon, 1950's Novelty Cat Purse and Remix flats.

I dress in vintage style every day for work, but I definitely take it to the next level on weekends and vacations.  I had so much fun dressing up this week. I definitely think I'm getting younger, and crazier, in my style with age!

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