Friday, June 27, 2014

Good News Update and a Film Strip Friday!

Proof that internet juju and well wishes work, Norbert will be ok!  On Friday we took Norbert to Ridgewood Vet hospital.

For a specialist consult.  The vet we saw, Dr. Travis Cerf, is an expert in canine bladder issues.  He told us there were two possible outcomes, infection or cancer.  Infection is very rare in male dogs so given Norbert's age and gender he was concerned.  He performed the ultrasound quickly and within 25 minutes was able to tell us Norbert does not have cancer!  He has an e coli infection that  that came from his outer male parts and climbed up his urethra to his bladder an caused his bladder to become very inflamed.   He may have had the infection for months or years with it going undetected, despite regular vet care and urinalysis, because until it reached the bladder and flared up it was likely very low grade.   Dr. Cerf has almost never see this before in male dogs and he is an expert.   The only issue now is what antibiotics to use to treat it.  He has been on clavamox for so long the infection may be resistant.  We did a culture and will know in a few days, Norbert will need to be on high doses of antibiotics for 6 to 8 weeks, but after that he will be fine.  I was so happy I nearly hugged the doctor...and of course I can't stop hugging Nobert who really is not too happy about that.

Who can blame me, I love my big guy and I love the Ridgewood hospital. We are going back July 5th for an acupuncture consult for Norbert's arthritis.  Now we just have to get through Tubby and Ping's Saturday exams for their old age issues and we will be home free.

Now in honor of the end of the school year, though I will be working summer school, an educational film clip from Coronet films 1950, about a teen with a crippling fear of the water, good campy fun!


  1. GREAT News!!!!!!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  2. Yes!!!!!! Such good news. And I remember Summer School-I got to do it for five years and had so much fun. Then the district cut all the extra programming out(art, music ans P.E.) and now it is just bare bones (invitation only).

  3. Very glad to hear! Yay! Phew! The scary stuff is all over now! xox

  4. Oh what a great news! I am so happy it wasn't cancer and hope antibiotics will work good! I'm like you, I tend to imagine the worst thing would happn. But usually better result comes back :-) I can understand how happy you are! I hope exams for Tubby and Ping will go well!

  5. I am so glad you got good news! But I had to chuckle at your choice of words....."for their old age issues and we will be home free."......I'm afraid "free" isn't how you will be describing the vet bill after all that care! But then getting good news is what counts and it is priceless!

  6. So glad that it wasn't cancer! Paws crossed you can knock out that infection soon.

  7. We are happy about the good news!

  8. Phew, we have missed so much. So pawleazed it was not the C. Love your dress and hopefully we will be back to normal, now the auction is done, Have a super weekend all xxoxxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  9. That is such wonderful news!!! Of course I'm sorry that poor Norbert has such an unpleasant infection, but anytime something isn't cancer, that's major cause for celebration. I hope that the new antibiotics help clear up the issue entirely and that he'll soon be feeling spry and right as rain once again.

    Tons of hugs to both of you!
    ♥ Jessica

  10. i'm so happy for you! i know you were so relieved to get the news!


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