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Friday, January 3, 2014

Snow Day and A Belated List of Goals for 2014

 Today I experienced one of those rare treats unique to children and school teachers: Snow Day!!!!  At least 3 of the dogs (Bob, Norbert, and Weasley) enjoyed it too.

The snow day gave me some extra time to think about my New Year's goals. I'm relatively new to New Year goals, in fact I've never really made any before, but this year I felt it was time to start.  With an extra day at home it seemed like a good idea to write them down:

1) Worry less: This is the most important one.  I'm a chronic worrier and it robs me of living in the present.  Currently I'm very worried about Tubby's low white blood cell count and what that could mean.   However I'm trying really hard to focus on the present with regards to Tubby, myself, my husband, and our other pets.  Whatever happens we are happy and together now and that is what matters.

2) Spend less: (Vet bills aside).  I really want to increase my savings this year.  Its a challenge with a high mortgage and a lot of pets, but I'd like a bit more of a cushion in case something goes wrong.  Particularly seeing as I never insured my two oldest dogs and two oldest cats, big mistake there which I've learned from and won't make again.

3) Walk more: Particularly with Weasley who loves going on nice long walks.

4) Try more restaurants in jersey:  At least this should be fun.   I eat out a lot in New York but there are lots of interesting ethnic and old style restaurants in my home town of Jersey City and the surrounding towns that I've never tried.  As a bonus most of them are pretty cheap.

5) Learn to cook Korean-I love Korean food but I have never really attempted to make it at home.  This year I want to make the attempt.

6) Learn how to give myself a decent manicure-I like the look of painted nails but I hate getting manicures at the salon.  I get bored sitting in the chair and I don't like the expense.  I'm a slob at painting my nails myself but hopefully practice will make perfect.

7) Expand my vintage wardrobe (without breaking the bank) and continue to be brave about what I wear-I have a long list of dream vintage items I want to own and I hope to acquire some more this year, whether the genuine article or reproductions.   Sometimes I feel a bit self conscious dressed up in my vintage wares but I am getting braver and I hope to keep doing so, after all life is too short to not wear just what you want!

We hope all our friends have an amazing 2014!


  1. Good Luck ... I need to make some goals, too! Saving more money is at the top of my list, too!

    Pug Hugs, Ellen

  2. All great, attainable resolutions :)

  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Looks like the boys are having a blast in the snow! Was Weasley trying to eat some?!

    Sound like you've got some good goals! My dad said he needs to do that, too!


  4. That's an impressive set of goals. Bertie thinks #3 is by far the most important!
    Cheers, Gail.

  5. That is a great list and we love the learn to cook Korean part. How exciting. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Wow you hot tons of snow! Looks like Bob, Norbert and Weasley had lots of fun :-)
    That's a great list of your 2014 goals! I like Korean food, too! I look forward to your post when you cook Korean food!

  7. Aww the pups are having so much fun in all that snow. Your goals are excellent and I know you can accomplish each and every one of them. Best wishes for a wonderful new year!

  8. Great Goals :-) mom says #1 n #2 is a bit hard. BTW we sent you several emails. Hope to get a response from you soon. Lots of Golden Thanks, Sugar

  9. I love the snow :) Expand your vintage wardrobe, don't forget I want your cast offs BOL. Never tried Korean food, sounds interesting :) xxooxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  10. Track your expenses. We learned so much about saving more based on where our money went.

    Check the library out for cookbooks. When we changed our diet, we previewed everything at the library. You might find some real gems on Korean cooking there to start your journey.

    Try to force yourself to think of a postive when faced with a negative. A balancing if you will. If you search you can find one small thing that was good in a day and focus on that when the bad things hit. I really focused on that over the holiday season when relative conflicts occured and this was probably one of the more peaceful seasons we've had.

  11. Fantastic goals! I like the mix of smaller (such as painting your nails at home yourself more - pick up a few nail polish remover pens, they are amazing at helping to tidy up stray polish) and larger aspirations. I'm with you on the spending less front - we'll be budget savvy sisters in arms this year, dear gal! :)

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* I'm delighted to know you're loving Russian Red, too! Isn't it just the most glorious shade of blue-red you've ever worn?

  12. good luck with your goals!
    i love painting my nails, and that is new for me this past year. i do it while i watch a movie. it forces me to just do that, and then sit and watch while they try. it is kind of relaxing!
    also, i love seeing your dogs play in the snow! phyllis and priscilla HATE going out in the snow. we have to carry them out to our pine tree, the snow usually isn't thick there. Then they want to come inside immediately.

  13. We wish good things for the new year for all of you.
    Its hard not to worry,,, we send postive healing to Tubby...
    and your goals are wonderful- good job

  14. I wish hospitals got snow days!

    Stop on by for a visit

  15. That is a great list of goals worth trying to pursue. Good luck!

  16. Wonderful goals! Best of luck with them.


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