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Monday, January 27, 2014

Historical Hounds-Football and Bulldogs

English bulldogs have long been associated with Football.  Very early photos of American football teams show dogs seated with the players

This photo of a turn of the century team shows a Bull Terrier type dog seated on a players lap.   Dogs as mascots for college sports teams became popular in the late 1800s.  Handsome Dan:

a bulldog owned by Andrew B. Graves became the mascot for Yale University sports team when he began following his owner to sporting events and became a popular fixture in the stands.

The most famous dog and team association occurred later with the University of Georgia.    The original University of Georgia mascot was a goat, but in 1894 a white bull terrier named Trilby owned by a student began spending time with the team and enjoyed catching footballs thrown by the students.  She quickly became the teams mascot and may have began the teams association with bully breeds and white dogs.

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After Trilby a wide variety of dogs served as University of Georgia mascots, sometimes changing from game to game.  Then in 1944 a local physician began attending University football games with his brindle and white bulldog, Mr. Angel. 

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 Angel enjoyed meeting players and spectators alike and became the teams mascot from 1944-46, cementing the teams association with English bulldogs.  Mr. Angel's reign was followed by English bulldogs Butch and Mike.  Then in 1955 the current UGA line became with UGA I "Hoods Ole Dan" who attended games in a red jersey.

Since UGA I there have been 9 UGAs, all white English bulldogs.  Concerns about the health of the line have been raised as UGA 7 died of a heart complication and UGA 8 died of lymphoma.  The UGA's receive excellent veterinary care and spend games in a climate controlled dog house, due to the breeds tendency to over heat.  The current UGA, known as Russ, has served as mascot since 2012 and has many fans.

While I'm not a football fan, Im obviously a bulldog fan thanks to my darling Bob:

So if I was going to root for a team it would definitely be Georgia.


  1. I just love all the old photo's. xxxoxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. What a cool post! I have always been a fan of our Cascadian Gonzaga Bulldogs and I didn't quite know why until now! :)

  3. I'm not football fan, either, but aware of Georgia Bulldogs as I'm a resident of Georgia. It was fun reading the mascot history! Bob is such a handsome boy. Love that photo :-)

  4. Bulldogs are just loveable ... no doubt about it! Loved all the vintage photos!

  5. Interesting post!
    And I love the pic of Bob in his bandana :)

  6. Great story! Bob is awfully cute!

  7. Your darling Bob is a real cutie pie! You know, Louisiana Tech's mascot is also the Bulldog. Bob could hang out with them. Just sayin'.

  8. This was really fun - seeing all the old photos and reading the storys!

  9. Now that is one breed that always makes us smile and we loved the old pix. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. Awesome post! English bulldogs are one of mine and Tony's favourite breeds (it was actually our love of them that, in a roundabout way, lead us to find our sweet Annie, who is half lab, half American bulldog) and though neither of us are big football fans, we do wildly adore all past and present canine mascots of this much beloved sport.

    ♥ Jessica

  11. Any team would be so proud to have Bob as a mascot.
    Cheers, Gail.
    PS Couldn't help laughing at the poses of some of those players in the second photo - especially the guy on the right!

  12. Love the post. I like your new look and direction. Very appropriate with the big game coming up!

  13. Interesting story! Handsome Dan sure lived up to his name. :)


  14. Oh yeah, we watched Gilmore Girls and know the story of Handsome Dan... We also know Handsome Bob- you know, the mascot of Retrorover,


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