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Friday, January 10, 2014

See Beautiful-Tell Your Pet Their Story

As my dogs and cats get older it gets more and more important to celebrate and savor my time with them.  Recently, I read a book about a common dog health problem, I will review it at a later date, and the book talked about taking the time to tell your dog their life story.  The author recommended getting down on the floor with your dog or cuddling up together on the couch and telling them the story of their life, including as much of the details as you can remember and involving other family members and friends if they are close to your dog.  Your dog will bask in the attention and you will be reminded of wonderful moments you may have forgotten.   While the book recommends this exercise for older dogs or dogs with an illness, I see no reason not to start with a dog of any age.  You can begin telling your dog their story the day you bring your puppy home for the breeder, or spring him or her from the animal shelter, or adopt them from a foster home.  

 While I made a photo book of little Weasley's first year of life using shutterfly

 I've never really sit down with my dogs and cats and told them their story.  Well this year I'm going to start.   While this blog certainly can't came one one hundredth of all of my darling pets stories I do have some key memories that stick out.

Tubby, I remember the first night you came home.   You cried and cried in the crate and we weakened and put you in the bed you crawled right up on my head and stayed there.

 Norbert, I remember when you were about two and we would go to the dog park park every day.  One day you were having such fun you forgot to check for your dad and I.  For a moment you thought you were lost, you spun around and around and then ran over too us so happy to find us it broke my heart.  I was reminded again of how much you depended on us:

Ping, I remember taking you on a bike ride over the Brooklyn Bridge.  You were so relaxed in the basket.  You loved going down the bridge and feeling the wind in your face.   It seemed like everyone in Brooklyn stopped to pet you.

Bob, I remember when you were a baby and we took you in a relatives swimming pool.  You couldn't swim but you loved the water and you still do.

 Weasley, and I apologize for this one, I remember when you were taking your puppy training class and there was a group of family members in the front row watching their dogs.   You were tooting so much, as you often do, that everyone in the front row had their shirt pulled up over their nose.

 Baby cat, I remember, when your father and I adopted you as a kitten.  We were all set to name you Totoro after the Japanese animation character.  That night watched Bringing Up Baby on AMC, you watched the movie with us, and that decided your name

Scooter, I remember when you were a tiny black kitten.  We were staying with your Great Aunt Antonia and she was eating a pork chop.  She got up to go to the sink and you pulled the pork chop right off the plate and started eating it.  It was bigger then you.

 Ernie, I remember when we had just adopted you and you had to have your leg amputated because before your adoption you have been hit by a car.   You were so sick and we had to give you so much medecine that sometimes you hid for us.  Other times you would sit there and let us give you the medecine you seemed to know we wanted to help you.



  1. We love it. Our mom tells us stories about past pets and stories about us all the time. Usually it is when we are out walking (where we are alone so no one has Mom sent to a psych ward), but she feels that it is good for us to hear her tell us stories about past pets as well as ourselves. We like to listen but never comment. Have a beautiful day!

  2. These are such wonderful little anecdotes. Some are funny (Weasley) and some touched my heart (Norbert) and reminded me of things our dogs have done before (Scooter). A great See Beautiful post!

  3. Cute little stories, and a great idea.

  4. What an incredibly beautiful exercise! I love this idea. Thank you so much for sharing. I will most certainly do this with our sweet Lilly and Buddy. In fact, I'm headed to snuggle and do some story telling now. Happy seeing beautiful and thanks for hopping with us!

    Lydia @ See Beautiful

  5. Oh, you MUST tell them each their story from beginning to present day! Ma has always told me my story; she gets down on the floor near my crate and whispers it to me all the time. She always asks, "Do you remember when..." and I cock my head, like she just reminded me. It is Beautiful...both to hear the story and to spend time with Ma.

  6. WOWOWOWOW this is an amazing idea and full of such beautiful moments.
    Hugs madi and mom

  7. Very sweet and moving! By the way, we are in Brooklyn too.

    Terry from

  8. Wow, great suggestion! :) I am tempted to turn this into a video dedication for Nailah's bday. Loved all your stories, especially the one about the tooting!

  9. What a wonderful post!! Greta and I just finished a winter class called Fun, Focus and Tricks. One of the main points of the class was building the bond between you and your pet. This would an excellent way to do that
    Bailey Hazel Greta & Mom

  10. Golden absolutely LOVE LVOE the idea. My mom talks/tells me lots of stories too. It certainly have some happy positive effect. Golden Thanks for sharing and Happy Seeing Beauty. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  11. This is a great idea. I'm going to tell my dad about it. I like the idea of snuggling up and hearing some stories. Especially when they are about me! :)


    P.S. That story about Weasley is HILARIOUS! Also love that adorable photo of Tubby when he was a tiny puppy.

  12. What a sweet idea! It reminds me of the meme I've seen on Facebook - the dog is tucked in bed and it says something like "Tell me the story again about how you rescued me." So sweet! Gets me every time!

  13. Goodness, that is a heartwarming sweet, special idea. I think I'd have a much easier go of it with Stella, our cat, than Annie at this point, but when she's a bit older and has left some of that hyperness of puppihood behind, perhaps on one of the anniversaries of the day we brought her home (March 18th), I definitely will.

    Big hugs & so very many thanks for all of your terrific blog comments,
    ♥ Jessica

  14. This is the most beautiful post ever. Thank you for sharing this.
    We could feel your love as you told each story!
    Sometimes at night-- mommy tells me a story as we fall asleep together,, and its always about me in this old farm house and my forest.
    Thank you again

  15. That is a smashing idea to spend time to think of all the sweet and funny memories. In a funny way just blogging helps you do that too. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  16. Oh, so, so sweet. I often talk to my dogs about their early days and even tell them the stories of dogs who've already crossed the Rainbow Bridge. At our house each one of our dogs has their very own song that we made up and they love them (and of course they recognize their names in the lyrics.) Looking forward to that book review.

  17. That is such a lovely thing to tell your dogs, what a sweet idea too.
    Lynne x
    ps, this is the 7th time I have tried to leave a comment now, LOL.

  18. Very sweet post, beautiful gang you have there.

  19. It's a great idea to tell them their stories! I agree, why not start telling at any age!
    And I enjoyed reading the stories of your babies. Precious memories with each one of them :-)

  20. Lovely idea, and those memories are so precious (and beautifully described here). I am still laughing at the idea of everyone protecting themselves from Weasley's 'tooting' at puppy class. (I won't forget in a hurry the first time I took Bertie to puppy class - he was more hyper than all the other pups put together and afterwards in bed that night, for the one and thankfully the only time, I was panicking that I had bitten off more than I could chew with him. )
    Cheers, Gail.


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