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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Vintage Outfit Post-Mid Century Modern Madness in the Bernie Dexter Kelly In The Kitchen Dress

I've always dreamed of living in a 1950s ranch house:

with a perfect mid century modern kitchen.

However, living in the New York City area makes this a practical impossibility.  So I've had to settle for the next best thing, the Bernie Dexter Kelly in The Kitchen print dress.  Bernie Dexter always has the most amazing novelty prints and this is one of the best.  It's so sunny and adorable with a perfect happy house wife feel.

This dress really has a very 1950s style print but I styled it with a mix of 1940s and 50s accessories, I have to thank vintage blogger Jessica Cangiano at Chronically Vintage for this idea when she pointed out on my blog that 50s dresses often have a 40s look when you forgo a crinoline.

I added a 1940s style snood from Arthelia's Attic.  This is my first snood and I really enjoy wearing it.  It's easy to put on and is a simple way to get vintage looking hair with minimal effort (hair styling is the bane of my vintage obsession.)  I love that the snood gives a sort of vintage cafeteria lady vibe to the outfit. 

 My shoes are also 1940s style Remix's I've had for a few years.

The rest of the accessories are pretty 1950s.  The purse is pretty awesome, its one of the best in my novelty purse collection and is either 1950s or 60s with cool fruit and veggie appliqu├ęs:

The cute hand drawn vintage stand mixer brooch is from fellow vintage blogger Housewife Chic by Ruby who has an Esty shop.  The brooch looks like it was made for the dress with is pretty cool.

My red polka dot stockings are from vintage style lingerie and hosiery brand What Katie Did.  I'm not sure if they are a really authentic vintage item, I've never seen dotted hosiery in vintage images, but they really are cute and I've never been a stickler for authenticity.

The perfect final touch, is my beloved 1950s rhinestone cats eye sunglasses.  They are so much fun!

So I may never have a 1950s kitchen but I have a 1950s style kitchen dress, and thats almost as good.  What is your dream home?

Outfit Details:

Kelly in The Kitchen Dress-Bernie Dexter
Snood-Arthelia's Attic
1940s Style Wedge Sandals-Remix Vintage Shoes
Fruite and Vegetable Novelty Purse-thrifted
Bakelite Bangles-Various Sources Including Brighter Bakelite
Polka Dot Tights-What Katie Did
Novelty Mixer Brooch-Housewife Chic by Ruby
1950s Cat's Eye Rhinestone Sunglasses-thrifted


  1. I have a '50s house and kitchen. If any of the buyers from a show on HGTV came in they would sneer that it was totally dated and a complete gut job.

    You look adorable as always.

  2. ohhh how adorable! I love this outfit and all your accessorizes. What a fun way to bring mid-century modern homes into your home. Love it!

  3. Love the kitchen print. What a cute dress! I love your stockings, too!

  4. You look like a little doll. stella rose

  5. I'd love to have a mid-century kitchen and/or home! Your dress is so cute, and you have so many interesting ones. I'm really loving that picture with all your well-dressed dogs! xxx

  6. We saw a vintage trailer with a similar but small kitchen
    Lily & Edward

  7. I luffs the dress and the carrot on the handbag is just pawfect….oh and Mum is drooling over that kitchen, hehe!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  8. That pic of you with all the pups is fantastic. What a happy colorful print for the summer! Maybe someday that kitchen will be yours. :)


  9. I don't think I am too picky about the style of the house, I would just like to have one on the water with a dock for boating.

    I absolutely LOVE that first photo of you with the city in the background. Just wonderful!

  10. So adorable! I loved the blog post and great photos. I have the same dress, saving it for a photo shoot. Thanks for the shout out...a tiny request/ correction, it's not Ruby Retro. Would totally love and very much appreciate it if you listed it as Housewife Chic by Ruby on etsy...I hope that's ok? Thank you so very much ahead of time.

    1. So sorry i have no idea how i made that mistake

  11. love how you always accessorize!

  12. That a HAPPY dress, we don't think you could ever be grumpy in that!

  13. You look so great in this outfit! I am amazed at how well the pin matches the dress - they look made for each other.

  14. Cute outfit! Love the pin and the veggies on the purse!

    We actually live in a mid-century modern, although our current kitchen (the folks here lived here before us redid it) has a bit of Asian flare, which is not my style so we're getting ready to give it a cosmetic makeover into a modern-but-beachy style.

    However... my dream house would be a Spanish ranch-style - the kind that have the open courtyard in the middle of the house. Love those!

  15. I can totally relate to your longing for a 1950s kitchen--there is something so wonderful about a mint green fridge, for example. You may not be able to score that ranch house in NY but you can certainly have some of those vintage appliances, no? But of course that outfit may just appease any longing entirely. I love the snood--what a great idea! Looks great with your red locks--very cafeteria lady, in a good way :)

  16. *Epic squeals of delight* Of all the BD offerings that are currently available, this dress is my top wishlist item. Alas, with the continually weak Canadian dollar, high shipping costs from Bernie's site, and import costs, I can't even entertain the notion of buying one at the moment. But I can certainly daydream about it, and that I've already done plenty. :)

    It's such a sweet, awesome dress (especially if one enjoys cooking, as I really do) and yours looks fabulous on you. I love the red accessories (and stockings) that you partnered it with. So pretty!!!

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

    *PS* You're super welcome. Thank you for the touching mention. I'm really happy to know that you found that tip helpful (I employ it often myself, too).

  17. That's a very cute dress - it's a really nice print.

    I'm not sure what my dream home is - I often wish for a Tudor one in the countryside, though that would take a lottery win!

  18. Love this dress on you so much and love everything you've styled with it! Your snood with the bow is so cute! <3 And you are so right, that brooch looks like it was made for the dress! :D

  19. Fabulous outfit! Your accessories, as always, are perfect!

  20. You look absolutely spectacular! You always look wonderful and I so look forward to your outfit posts.

    Dream home? I love art deco houses, British 1930's semis, I love those American Victorian houses, Queen Ann I think they're called, but my dream house, is the Bates Mansion x


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