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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Silent Film Sunday: Bumping Into Broadway 1919

In the trifecta of male silent comedy stars (Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and Harold Lloyd) Lloyd typically gets the bronze, but he's my favorite.   

Lloyd's films are sweet, funny and charming and for silent comedies they hold up well.    His glasses character exemplified a be-spectaled go-getter embodied the can do attitude of the 1920s.   Lloyd first played the glasses character in a 1919 short comedy Bumping Into Broadway.


In the film Lloyd plays a character known simply as the boy a would be musical comedy writer in dire financial straits:

He lives in a Boarding house populated by theatrical types, including of course, the girl, a chorus dancer, played by Bebe Daniels.  

The boarding house is run by a stern land lady and her beefy tough guy   The guys job is to toss out any boarders who have gotten their third notice to to pay the rent.  Both the boy and the girl have just received theirs.

The heroes troubles continue.  The boy continues to fail to find a producer for his play

and the girl gets fired from her chorus dancing job.

After a number of adventures the boy and the girl north wind up at a club where the girl is on a date with a wealthy play boy and the boy is gambling in an attempt to win the money to produce his play.

a few more antics the boy wins big at gambling and love!

The entire film is less then a half hour long and can be seen on you tube (here is the link).  It's essential viewing for all Harold Lloyd fans.


  1. I thought at the beginning if he keeps throwing his typewriter on the floor he won't get much writing done. Those were delicate instruments. But I guess they needed a dramatic touch.

  2. That looks very funny film! I love the scene when a little dog's wagging tail knocked door and the boy was let in :-)

  3. This sounds like such an endearingly sweet story. I adore your silent film posts and am always delighted to see what you'll share here on that front with us next.

    Many hugs & happy weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  4. I'm loving your silent film posts, but I'm with Jan regarding the typewriter throwing ;-) xxx

  5. Aw, lovely story! I've seen more Keaton than Lloyd, and am on the fence about Chaplin. He's often a tad too sentimental for me.


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