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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Vintage Outfit Post-Flamingo Fancy

I have long had a fondness for flamingos, both the actual living bird and the plastic lawn variety.

 I will forever admire the late David Featherstone for his brilliantly kitschy lawn ornament creation and consider him a brilliant artist.  (Here is a link to his NY Times obituary).

Sadly I live in a city row house rather then a mid century ranch with a vast lawn with room for flocks of pink plastic residents.

So I have to get my flamingo fix elsewhere.  Which is why when I heard about flamingo print Vans this spring from a member of the facebook group Mid Century Modern Kitsch, a totally awesome group by the way, I knew I had to have them and began planning the perfect flamingo themed outfit to go with them.  

I paired the sneakers, 

which I got for 50% off from Journeys, with a green and white check Bernie Dexter Kelly dress and a purse made from an actual pink plastic lawn flamingo!

 I love Bernie Dexter dresses, she's a big reason I've been going in a more 50s direction with my style recently, and the Kelly Dress is my favorite cut.  It's very comfortable, has sleeves (which I like), and works with or without a petticoat.   I wear a large in Bernie Dexter and the Kelly dress fits me just right and even though I'm short its never too long.

The purse is pretty fabulous too, I'm sure if your crafty you could easily make your own out of a lawn ornament but I'm not crafty at all so I got mine from the Etsy shop Eye Candy Sugar.

I also wore my custom Tanith Rowan Coolie hat that I wrote about here.   This really is the absolutely perfect sun hat.   The brim really keeps the sun off your face and the ties stop it from blowing right off your head.  

I had some concerns that the outfit hadn't reached its total kitsch-tential so I added an Audrey 2 Brooch from Luxulite:

I wore my flamingo outfit on a belated 15th anniversary day trip to Philadelphia.  We visited the zoo, I'm not a huge fan of zoos in general as I don't love the idea of animals in cages but the Philly zoo is pretty nice as zoos go.

I liked, the Newt exhibit, complete with PG Wodehouse reference:

I was disappointed that my favorite exhibit, the Vampire Bats, was closed for renovations.   The flamingoes though more then made up for it.

The zoo has plastic swan boats too right near the flamingos.  We didn't try them out but I appreciated their look.

No trip to Philadelphia is complete without a visit to the Franklin Fountain and Shanes Confectionery a vintage style soda fountain and candy shop.  The interior is just like a 1900s fountain and the delicious Sundaes are served in chinese take out containers:

All in all a perfect fun vintage summer day!

Outfit Details:

Dress-Bernie Dexter
Flamingo Vans-Journeys
Flamingo Purse-Eye Candy Sugar
Audrey 2 Brooch-Luxulite
Coolie Hat-Tanith Rowan
1950s Rhinestone Cat's Eye Sunglasses-Etsy but I forgot the shop!


  1. Yet another GREAT post! Loved it!

  2. I've never been a flamingo fan, but you have completely sold me. The flamingo purse is as cute as anything I've seen for a long time.

  3. A beautiful outfit for a zoo trip! Stylish and comfortable, and coordinating with the flamingos is just a bonus!

  4. We think your flamingo handbag would make a great teapot....not plastic perhaps. Really love the flamingo shoes!

  5. Well obviously I love flamingos! I love your bag it's such fun! Your whole outfit is so cute, you look gorgeous! I saw a coolie hat recently for less than £4 and I'm really curious as to what it would be like.

    Thank goodness zoos have come so far and conditions are so much better. We always enjoy visiting them and many have exhibits that you can walk through and be up close with the animals, usually lemurs which I adore, and often birds. One place had free ranging peacocks, Mara and wallabies, they were dotted all over the place xx

  6. What a cute flamingo purse! And I love the sneakers!
    The sundae looks so yummy. What a fun idea to serve it in takeout containers :-)

  7. LOVe the dress and the shoes!!!! so cute - the whole outfit is great!

  8. What did you do wif Bob? Loved those clothes on you!!!!
    stella rose and momma

    1. We went and came back in the same say it's only an hour and a half drive

  9. What an amazing purse! Your outfit is pretty great too. I love a pink and green combo. And flamingos too! xxx

  10. Cute! Love the pin , the dress, the whole look! After I saw you wearing those flamingo shoes before I told my sis about them. She's a flamingo nut! Will have to show her the purse!

  11. Oh wow, that outfit is amazing! I love the flamingo purse...and the actual flamingos!

  12. Hehehe, great shoe/bag combination! Your outfit is really fun.

  13. Oh my word, that is one of the most amazing handbags I've ever seen! It's so cute, kitsch, fun and vibrant. Perhaps summertime accessory if ever there was one.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  14. Happy Anniversary! AND Happy Love of Flamingos!! I'm right up there with ya on that love. Those shoes...YES! Purse..YES!! You look super adorable. Glad you had a fab day.


  15. So many things I love! So many things to comment on! We are such kindred spirits! <3 First, I almost got those shoes the other week! :D Sadly, the store we were at didn't have my size though. I'll have to check out Journeys. They are so cute! I love flamingos too both the real bird and the kitschy ornaments, and them as accessories, and them as prints! <3 Also, sigh to live in a 1950's ranch house. <3 Also, love your new Bernie Dexter dress! I love the cut and the gingham print! Great outfit with the shoes, hat, and flamingo purse. Also, your day out in philly sounds like so much fun! I would have had to insist on going on the swan! They look like so much fun! Glad you got to see the flamingos while you were there though sad about the bats! Also the ice cream parlor looks and sounds amazing! Lastly, Happy 15th Anniversary!!!! <3 <3 <3


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