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Friday, November 21, 2014

Miss Marple-Style Icon

Like many vintage afficianados I love the stories of Agatha Christie and the various television adaptations of her work.   I've written before about the lovely Miss Lemon on Poirot.  

The stylish secretary with her picture perfect 1930s looks is my personal style icon.  However, there is another, if perhaps less predictable, Agatha Christie's character, whose style in the television adaptation I greatly admire.   I'm talking about the elderly spinster sleuth Miss Marple:

Unlike Miss Lemon, or at least Miss Lemon as portrayed by Pauline Moran, Miss Marple has no overt interest in fashion, she is too busy solving crimes and applying what she has learned in the village of St. Mary's Mead to the wider world of forensic science to give a tuppence for her appearance.  Never the less Miss Marple, particularly as portrayed by the wonderful Joan Hickson, has a distinctive, and I say stylish, look.  
Many fashion expects declare a uniform is key to personal style and that's certainly a theory Miss. Marple subscribes too.  In the six year  Hickson played Marple, from 1986-1992, the elderly sleuth is never rarely without her beloved tweed suit, paired with simple jewelry, sensible shoes, and a practical hat. If she is without the suit,  you can bet she is wearing a simple dress and cozy cardigan. Miss. Marple also usually carries a large hand bag, perfect for transporting her knitting, and any tools she needs for investigations. The look is comfortable, practical, and perfectly suited to Miss Marple.

Since Hickson perfected the part there have been two other television Miss Marples, both of whom, at least on the surface, appear more stylish then Hickson's version.  Geraldine McKewan
and Julia McKenzie

both ladies look fantastic in the role, but its Hickson's traditional take I like the best and it left me craving a vintage style tweed suit, so I could have a Marple look of my own.  I found the perfect one at Putting on the Ritz clothing.  

Wearing this suit I feel ready to do some stylish sleuthing of my own.

Outfit Details

Suit Puttin on the Ritz
Vintage Poodle Pin Chronically Vintage's Etsy Shop
1930s Hat Adeline's Attic
Vintage Gloves, Thrifted
Vintage Fur Muff Purse, Thrifted
Shoes, Payless


  1. What a great suit, especially the little pleat in front on the skirt.

  2. You look cool. Love the styles and fabrics from that era
    Lily & Edward

  3. I Love Miss Marple! I've not seen the newer versions, but used to watch the older ones with Joan Hickson with my mom and now watch them online. I love her style , too, and you nailed it.

  4. We love most of the Miss Marples, but Geraldine is a bit daggy at times.

    Maybe one of these days you can go to England and visit the costume storage areas. Bet no one would see you for days.

  5. Of course, you probably could have guessed, I have seen my share of Miss Marples too.

  6. We love to see all the styles, and we love to see you model the styles too.

  7. I love your Miss Marple look! The woofie pin makes it extra pretty :-)

  8. Love your Marple look. I heard they were making a new film maybe you could try out??

  9. Wow you have totally nailed that Miss Marple look! (much younger and prettier of course :)
    Lynne x

  10. Love this post. My favorite Miss Marple item is that alligator handbag. So practical, yet so chic. I adores all three iterations of her.

  11. Love this post. My favorite Miss Marple item is that alligator handbag. So practical, yet so chic. I adores all three iterations of her.


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