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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Vintage Style Icon-The Lovely Ms. Lemon

I'm a big fan of the long running BBC mystery show Poirot with its period perfect 1930s sets and costumes.  I particularly love Poirot's stylish secretary Ms. Lemon.  In every episode Ms. Lemon has a perfect quirky 1930s ensemble with plenty of art deco detail.  I also adore the fact that the lovely Ms. Lemon is no ingeneue,  she has a decade or so on me, something I appreciate as I think about how I might want to dress in the future:

poirot miss lemon itso_90 photo s320x240.jpg
Miss Lemon

Poirot_MsLemon_DoubleClue_seagreendressPoirot_MsLemon_LostMine_geometricblouse_ringletsPoirot_MsLemon_LostMine_pinksilkblouse_ringletsPoirot_MsLemon_tan copy Poirot_MsLemon_PerilEndHouse_blackfanbowhat


When I saw this hat from Adeline's Attic on Etsy I thought it had a definite Ms. Lemon quality so I  had to get it.  I can't wait to channel Ms. Lemon and all her adventures as I wear it.


  1. Love the series too and yes that sure is a hat Ms Lemon would be proud of. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Agree with you about these Miss Lemon outfits. Also, a lot of the females that appear in each episode have some gorgeous clothes. If I had lots of money I'd find a dressmaker to make me some of them! As it is, I'm trying to make myself a few things. Would love to have some of those hats and the confidence to wear them.


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