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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cinema Spotlight-The Show Off 1926

Before she decamped to Germany to make scandalous films with G.W. Pabst flapper style icon Louise Brooks, whose birthday is November 14, made an American silent comedy that is delightfully still available for viewing today.   The Show Off filmed in 1926 features Brooks in a supporting role. 

It is the story of a self aggrandizing braggart who by way of his over the top lies manages to marry the daughter of a respectable family.  The braggart, Aubrey Piper,  in question is played by Ford Sterling


and the daughter he charms and marries, Amy Fisher, is played by Louis Wilson.

While is Amy is utterly oblivious to her fiancés obnoxious ways, her family is not.....and her family includes her smart and observant sister Clara, played by Louise Brooks. 

Clara is a supporting character in the film so Louis is not the star of the picture......But with her commanding presence and charm she steals every scene she's in.

There aren't many costume changes in the film, but what costumes there are our very well done, fantastic examples of every day 1920s clothes.  Louis wears  exclusively black which highlights her graphic Bob.   I love this simple black day dress with the white peter pan collar and interesting buttons and fabric striping:

In the clip below you can see Louise in the lovely dress and also the actress who plays her mother who interestingly is wearing a dress that looks a lot like the Matilda frock from ReVamp Vintage.

In addition to the peter pan collar dress there are two other looks.  A black eveningy dress with sheer arms
and a top with a sailor type tye, paired with a pleated black skirt, and a simple black cloche hat.

The Show Off has been brilliantly restored and the images are crisp and clear.  it is available to rent from Netflix, it comes with the Plastic Age, and on Amazon Instant Video.


  1. Louise's hairstyle is wonderful!

  2. I love the hairstyles and outfits.
    stella rose

  3. Oh I love that peter pan collar outfit with bold stripes!
    Love Louise Brooks' hair style, too!

  4. These photos are very fun to look at!

  5. Your header is STUNNING!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  6. We too love the hairstyle. Sadly your nomination for Share It Sunday never got back to us. No worries I will find someone else. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. I love when you summarize movies and share some of their most stylish highlights with us, dear Kate. From the images above. I especially like the dress (or blouse?) that the Amy character is wearing (it's something I could totally see you sporting, too).

    Have an awesome weekend!
    ♥ Jessica


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