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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Norbert and his Dad

Our big guy is really starting to show his age lately.  Increased stiffness, more accidents at night, and all the other tough parts of old age.  The good news is he is still eating well and basically most of his complaints are a result of being 12 years old.  We love our big guy and hope to have a good bit more time with him.   Old age isn't for sissies and neither is watching our dog's age.


  1. We faught at first yousa was talking about your dad cos that is how our mom describes our dad sometimes.........Norbert has the best family cos no matters what the day brings he know you loves him unconditionally. Hugs
    stella rose

  2. Two handsome guys who look like they are ready for Christmas!

  3. And a very handsome big guy
    Lily & Edward

  4. Wilson is 11 1/2...I agonize over every new gray hair!

  5. Norbert and his dad are both looking very handsome!
    It's hard to see our babies getting old and having old-age issues. Norbert is so lucky to have such wonderful pawrents to love and take good care of him.

  6. Dear Norbert, you are a grand guy indeed.

  7. That is so deeply true. Just as I wouldn't personally trade getting old for the alternative, so though would I never trade the pain of a pet's eventual passing for the boundless joys and blessings of living with them (usually) for many wonderful years. As always, you guys are a source of pet ownership wisdom and inspiration to so many.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  8. It's a hard but still rewarding time. As long as he's enjoying life, even at a slow pace, all is good.

  9. Going through some of the same with Bailey. He has always had issues with his back legs and has been on arthritis medicine (deramaxx) for a while now. But we had noticed him getting increasingly uncomfortable at times. We thought cold laser therapy might help him. When they did x-rays we were told he had bad hip displaisia. We just finished a series of 5 treatments and he is getting a series of adequan shots too. It seems to be helping some - he will get 4 more shots still. Gotta love our old guys!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mom

  10. Looking good, fellas! Sorry to hear Norbert has been dealing with some older age issues - glad to hear he's still eating well (that's the most important thing, right?!).


  11. And Norbert is loved by all of us too.... We hope something makes him feel better..
    Were sending all the love in the world.. to him and all of you.
    If only love could fix things,, if only.

  12. We so understand. All we can say is treasure every day.
    Best wishes Molly

  13. Aww, you can see there is a real bond between Norbert and his dad. I agree, things start getting tough when they are over 10.
    Lynne x

  14. I know how you feel! My cat is 20 years old and it is so hard seeing her age. She has lots more stiffness in her joints and is starting to have a harder time getting around amongst other problems. But I love her so much so I'm just hoping she stays happy and healthy for as long as she can. It's so hard when our best friends age so much quicker than we do.


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