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Friday, March 17, 2017

Vintage Outfit Post-Poodle Pride from Girl In A Whirl

It should come as no surprise that I love poodles:

Both the in the fur variety, like my darling Mr. Tuvok, and the collectible 1950's variety  as seen on the purse. 

 The 1950's might not have been the golden age of everything, but they where definitely the golden age of the poodle.  Poodles where everywhere.  In advertisements, 

on skirts, sweaters,  


knick knacks, purses, book ends, mirrors, lamps

even toilet seat covers!.  

There is a whole book devoted to the mid century poodle collecting obsession.   I've never read it but you can buy it used on Amazon.

Maybe there not everyone's cup of tea, but to me these delightfully kitschy 1950s and 60s poodle images  just put modern dog graphics to shame.   

 So ubiquitous was the mid century poodle that I was actually shocked to learn that according to the AKC poodles where only the decade's 7th most popular breed. Regardless of the ranking, the poodle and the 1950s are forever linked.

Sadly today, I feel the poodle has fallen a bit out of favor.  Doodles are popular but poodles don't seem to get the same respect they used too.  

I am also troubled by the modern trend to groom a poodle into looking like some other breed of dog.  I have written before about how I want Mr. Tuvok to be groomed in a  traditional pet poodle style, and that can be a challenge.  Groomers have told me that most people  tell them to make their dogs look less like a poodle.   A sentiment that really kind of angers me, poodles are a wonderful breed, why would you want to disguise that?  Smart, companionable, athletic affectionate, and in a range of sizes, they really are fantastic.  Let's have some poodle pride!

With my love for dogs and vintage I can't get enough of dog themed vintage clothing, so when I saw that my favorite novelty skirt designer, Girl In A Whirl, was adding 1950's Mexican style tourist jackets to her wares I knew I wanted where my poodle pride on my sleeve with  a poodle themed jacket.  I messaged Girl In A Whirl designer,  Rebecca and told her I was dreaming of a jacket with little black poodles on it.  I wanted the poodles to have the classic well groomed 1950's look and to be wearing red berets.  Rebecca understood exactly what I meant and my new Girl In A Whirl jacket is perfect! 

I've been wearing it at least once a week since I got it and I never get tired of  it (and yes Mr. Tuvok has a red beret, it was actually part of his pug sister Ping's halloween costume a few years ago.)

 The picture's here are from two different occasions.  First I am wearing the jacet  with Freddies of Pinewood jeans and a striped top.  The second time with   with my Marie Guye western jumpsuit.   Both time's I wore my red Chatterblossom hair flower and of course my poodle purse.

I also added gold tone poodle scatter pins to the neck of the jacket.  I have had these forever and I forget where I got them but they only cost a couple of bucks and they are perfectly at home on the jacket.  Proof that it always pays to take advantage of a vintage deal even if your not totally sure what to do with the item.

Because Rebecca is so  talented the details of jacket are incredible.

The front of the jacket has red whip stitching and the poodles are wearing red bow ties to match their berets.

The pocket's have red whip stitching and pom pom trim

There is even a little K on the collar!

So the front is perfect, but the back is even better.  The poodles on the back are playing with a red and blue ball.

They have  little sparkly blue eyes and light blue bows, as well as berets:

I really think they look just like Mr. Tuvok!

Even the red ball is carefully stitched with blue ribbon to match the poodle neck bows.

I'm just so happy to have this jacket in my collection and so grateful to Girl In A Whirl for making it for me.  I know Ill be enjoying it, along with all other things poodle, for years to come.


  1. Just breathtaking. I'm trying to imagine the Poodles in Misty and Timmy silver instead of black.

  2. What a wonderful jacket, Kate. Poodles really are most adorable. Especially Mr. Tuvok, obviously! Would love to have that Poodle Collectibles book. xxx

  3. Cool jacket. Love the toilet seat cover
    Happy St. Patrick's Day
    Lily & Edward

  4. We think Tuvok should be your ONLY accessory when you wear that jacket! It looks great.

  5. i love it! what a cute jacket. and I am a fan of that classic poodle look as well. I do'nt get people who are like "ew a poodle." They are smart, sweet and cute! what's not to love!

    1. I agree. When I had Norbert a pitbull mix I never heard any bad comments about him but so many nasty things about poodles have been said to me

  6. absolutely LOVE this jacket!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  7. The poodle jacket really does look perfect on you. And I note that poodles were apparently the top breed in the 1960s and 1970s. A I child (in the 60s) I had a book of poodle photos in which the poodles were groomed to perfection and dyed all different pastel shades. I'm slightly embarrassed now to admit that I loved it!
    Cheers, Gail,

    1. that book sounds fab, i might be tempted to dye tuvok a color for a special holiday if he was right the groomer near us does it with non toxic veggie dyes they just wash them with the dye

  8. What a cute jacket! The poodles are adorable wearing berets and bow ties! Love pom pom on the pockets :-)

  9. Ruby is part poodle. I think she needs a beret.

  10. I find it baffling that people would go to a groomer and ask them to make their dog look like another breed!! I'm sad that the poodle has fallen out of favour too - they are such intelligent breeds. My parents do have a doodle, though, so I am quite keen on those as well. I love that the poodles on your jacket are wearing berets - so perfect <3

    1. I agree poodles are such great dogs and I do like doodles too I just feel in the USA at least they have totally over taken the poodle

  11. That's an ace jacket. Mr Tuvok is such a cutie; why would people get poodles and then not want them to look like a poodle? Some poodle pride is definitely called for.

  12. Mr. Tuvok is just the cutest little man! It's hard to believe that poodles have become out of "fashion" when they are so cute. Love your new jacket. Girl in a Whirl really does some amazing looking work!

  13. I love poodles, they're such lovely dogs. I saw a woman recently out walking three standards: a black one, a white one and a chocolate one.

    Your jacket is wonderful and so you!

  14. What a cute jacket! The poodles are adorable wearing berets and bow ties! Love pom pom on the pockets :-)


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