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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Poodle Pride

I have known for awhile, even before adding the delightful Mr. Tuvok, to our family that poodles are a breed that can inspire strong feelings in others.  Plenty of people love poodles, and plenty of others feel they aren't for them.  I understand, no breed is perfect for everyone and I am a big believer in breed matching and research.  What I don't understand is the people who like poodles, even own them, but don't want them to look  like what they are.  

Am I not adorable

When I added Mr. Tuvok to my family several people advised me to get his hair clipped in a way that was not too poodle-ish.  Now I get avoiding show clips, I don't really understand them and they certainly aren't practical for a family pet.
Maverick, one of Mr. Tuvok's relatives in full show coat!

However, I definitely want my dog to look like what he is!  After all Mr. Tuvok and I are proud that he is a poodle.   So I always ask whatever groomer we use to give him a traditional type pet poodle clip and to cut his face short so he looks like a poodle.  Nearly every groomer has told me that the number one instruction they get from poodle owners is don't make him look like a poodle.  

This weekend we tried a new groomer, I was using the groomer at the Vet but Tuvok is a bit afraid of the vet due to his recent shots and I didn't want to make a grooming appointment stressful for him.  I'm lucky that he is very well behaved while being groomed and I don't want that to change.  So we tried Downtown Woody's Grooming Salon in Jersey City and I asked for a summer
do, a  Miami Clip.  This was the inspiration.  The women grooming Mr. Tuvok expressed her pleased surprise that I wanted a short face.  

They did a great job and Mr. Tuvok looks fab and ready for summer.  (They also gave him a tie which lasted about one hour before he started chewing it.)

This cut is also really practical and easy to mantain with just a few minuts of daily brushing, though he will need a trim in about four to five weeks.  Of course most importantly its very comfortable for Mr. Tuvok.  In fact in my opinion this short clip with a clean face and feet is more comfortable and practical that the current craze for so called "puppy cuts" that are floofier and obscure the face of the poodle, like the ones below:

I'm not saying the dogs in the images above aren't cute, they are, but I think dog guardians need to realize that these less poodle-ey cuts take a lot of daily maintenance, even more then some of the more traditional pet clips which already require at least daily brushing.   When Tuvok was at the groomer there was a young gentleman with his standard poodle who had his hair like the one above.  The groomer was explaining that the dog had many matts.  I think that is something people really need to consider when they ask a groomer to ensure that their dog doesn't look like a poodle.  (They also should also ask themselves why they got a poodle if they didn't want a dog that looked like one.)   Poodles, like every breed, have a unique beauty and no poodle guardian should be trying to obscure it!


  1. Tuvok looks great! Love the tie - too bad it didn't last. :) All the pups look cute (well, I'm not a fan of that look for shows.... it's a bit fussy for me!) but if I had a poodle i'll be all about whatever is low maintenance. I'm a low maintenance kinda gal!

  2. Doesn't he look handsome! I really like poodles, they're such lovely dogs and it seems silly to have one and then want them to look different to what they are.

    I saw a cockapoo pup at the weekend, oh I was giddy with the cuteness! It was his first trip out and he was such a little poppet that I couldn't not go and say hello; I was even allowed to hold him x

  3. I finks Mr Tuvok looks amazing, very very handsome!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. Mr. Tuvok is super cute in the poodle cut!

  5. Before I got Misty I thought Poodles were silly dogs with stupid haircuts. But then she put a spell on me and I became a total fan of the breed and the pet clip.

  6. Oh boy! You look fantastic. Those show poodles scare us, BOL
    Lily & Edward

  7. We understand. We're amazed at people who short-clip scotties all over, so they look like dachshunds. We think Tuvok looks very handsome.

  8. That is a great haircut! Mr Tuvok looks very cute
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  9. Doesn't Mr. Tuvok look adorable and very handsome with that tie! xxx

  10. Great looking cut! I get a lot of doodles in my practice, fewer poodles. And their fur is even more prone to matting! My heart always sinks when I get someone whose dog is matted but they want me to still leave the fur long. It's generally just not possible. Very smart choice to keep at least the face and the paws short, for the well-being of everyone involved:)

  11. What a dapper cut, it suits him wonderfully.

    Big hugs & happy weekend wishes to you all!
    ♥ Jessica

  12. Such a dashing young man! I love his new do! Poodles have quite grown on me since reading all about your Mr. Tuvok I love all styles of poodles' cuts, but since I'm not an owner I have no idea what goes into maintaining and keeping the pup happy and comfortable. It's all news to me really that poodles can have so many different looks just from the difference in grooming!


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