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Friday, May 6, 2016

Don't Fear The Petticoat

When I first started wearing vintage four years ago there was one item I was fairly confident I'd never step into….a petticoat.

For one thing when I started my vintage journey I was mostly into  1920s, 30s and 40s looks and petticoats weren't worn during those decades.  I also thought that the petticoat was too costumey and too young for me.  However, this is a definite case of never say never.  These days as I get more into 1950s and 60s looks I've fallen in love with the petticoat.  As my friend the super talented vintage blogger, Jessica Cangiano, writes about in this great post, petticoats can make a look.  Full skirted 1950s style dresses will just never reach their mid century glory without a crinoline or petticoat underneath them.   I think this point is amply demonstrated in these photos of my Bernie Dexter dog print dress.  Bernie's 1950s repro dresses are just made for petticoats.  

Without a petticoat my dog print dress is for me, at least, pretty understated, not really a full on vintage look and work appropriate for my teaching job.

The dress had so much dog stuff going on I had to add my mink cat brooch, because after all I'm a cat mom too.

Add a petticoat and the dress steps right over the line into 1950s fabulousness.

50's women really new what they were doing with this silhouette, its fun and flattering, a wide skirt can have a slimming effect on the waist.  Bernie's dresses are great because they work with and without petticoats and everyone loves options. Personally, I prefer the petticoat.

Petticoats are also great for adding a touch of color to an outfit.  I have a red one that I love wearing with my Trashy Diva rocket dress

It really takes the dress to the next level.  Jessica is a petticoat expert and lists plenty of sources for the fab garment here.  Personally I have three petticoats. My back and white ones are from amazon and my red one is from mod cloth. I love them all, but the Mod Cloth one is better quality.  

One caveat pay attention to your height when ordering, I always get a short petticoat since I'm only 5'1 a regular length petticoat would be ankle length on me.  

Petticoats are just so much fun its hard not to smile while wearing one.   

Outfit Details

Dog Print Dress-Bernie Dexter 
Rocket Dress-Trashy Diva
Red Shoes-Miss L Fire
Black Flats-Amazon
Black Petticoat-Amazon
Red Petticoat-Mod Cloth
Black Sequin Cardigan-Thrifted
Mink Cat Brooch-Thrifted


  1. I love my petticoats and wouldn't dream of going out without one, it's just such a perfect finishing touch. Also, fun when the wind catches your skirt or dress and sends it flying high, giving a cheeky flash of petticoat. Your dog dress is so cute and looks so much better with the petticoat x

  2. Oh when my mom was little she used to play with her aunts petticoats she had a white one and a red one! We love that header.
    stella rose

  3. I so agree with you about Petticoats! They make the dress and are super fun. I can't help but want to keep spinning and spinning when I wear one :) The silhouette is really great on you as well.


  4. Oh, my. I think I'm at that stage where I don't think I'll wear one...but you look so wonderful in yours, I might be crossing over!

  5. Mom had one when she was little
    Lily & Edward

  6. I totally agree with you about petticoats! They add so much fun, glamour, and authenticity to the 50's/60's look! I have two (a white short Hell Bunny one from Modcloth, and a black one I found on amazon for cheap). I just haven't gotten myself into the habit of wearing them though! I think what gets me is that whenever I go out in my retro dresses I'm usually the one driving and there is just so much poof when you sit down in a car! I feel like it takes up the whole car! LOL I will definitely make it a challenge for myself to wear my petticoats more though! It really does look so lovely on you! And also, love your Bernie Dexter dress! Such a perfect print for you! <3

  7. I remember having a few in my teen years.

  8. You look so pretty in your petticoat! Yep, never say never :-) Love the cute dog print!

  9. Petticoats do make all the difference. I wonder if they will come back in style like so many fun and flirty looks from the past. Not that I worry much about what is in style.

  10. What fun, and it definitely makes a difference!

  11. We think the petticoat makes it. But we don't see any scotties. Oh well, it's a fantastic dress anyway.

  12. I luffs that dress and I agree, the petticoat makes it look fabulous!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  13. mom was just talking about petticoats the other day. she took ballroom dancing lessons when she was in junior high and they wore dress with petticoats!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  14. Another fun post! The petticoat really lets the dog pattern show so much better.

  15. It's awesome that you've become a card carrying member of team petticoat, sweet Kate. It's awesome to hear as much as to see you sporting them in action. Thank you so much for the wonderfully lovely compliments and link back to my blog. I appreciate it immensely!

    Have a fun, fabulous week!
    ♥ Jessica


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