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Monday, March 3, 2014

Weasley vs The Stanley Coren IQ Test

Weasley here:

Last week mom posted a very rude post on here about my struggles with the evil toy known as the tug-a-jug.
The Enemy

Mom's post questioned my intelligence because I was unable to extract the treats from this maddening toy despite my ongoing efforts.  Obviously this means the toy is poorly designed, but mom persisted in believing I should solve it.  Apparently my late brother Bingo was a tug-a-jug whiz despite being about 100 years old, partially paralyzed, and incontinent. 
Mom gets all sniffy when she sees his picture, I tend to think he was an evil genius.

Anyway the nice people at Rocco's House blog read mom's post and recognizing my natural intelligence from my photos they suggested mom give me an IQ test.  This test was devised by Stanley Coren.  Now mom has read and liked a few of his books, but we are also a little down on him because he tends to think of bulldogs as dullards.   Now I've watched my bulldog brother Bob in action with mom and dad and he seems to be a whiz at getting what he wants.

Anyway, back to the intelligence test, I am pleased to say that I did quite well!  Take that tug-a-jug.  Here are my results:

Item 1) Treat under a can (note: mom used a cup as we had no empty cans).

I kicked the stuffing out of this one.   I had the treat out from under the cup in a record 2 seconds.   I scored  5 pts.

Item 2) Getting out from under a towel. This was a piece of cake I was out from under that towel in 4 seconds and it only took me that long because I was wondering why the heck my mom was putting a towel on me.  I scored 5 pts.

Item 3) Responding to your owner/mom/dad by coming to them when they stare at you and grin stupidly.  (Note this is breed biased a pug is way to smart and comfort seeking to get of a comfy couch and come just because a human  is smiling like a jac-o-lantern.) Still I did stand up so I scored 3 pts.

Item 4) Treat under a tea towel.  

 This one was a teensy bit harder that stupid towel was really guarding that treat.  I got it in 40 seconds though, so I scored 3 pts.

Item 5) Treat under a low table (not mom made a table out of three books).  EASY-PEASY  I had that treat in 15 seconds and with one swipe of my paw, I nabbed 5 points!.

Item 6) Name Recognition.  (Now this item I'd like to write a letter to Mr. Coren about.  The dullard expects a very intelligent dog to ignore the owner calling out Refrigerator in a happy voice and instead come only to its name.  I mean really don't all dogs know that the refrigerator is were humans store the food!).  I came immediately upon hearing refrigerator so I scored 3 pts.

My overall score was 24 points.  According to Mr. Coren this means I am very smart, but won't get into Harvard.  That's fine by me as I prefer Yale anyway.  !
Handsome Dan, one time Yale Mascot, and despite what Mr. Coren would think probably a very bright dog.


  1. We knew it all along Weasley - you have clever fellow written all over your face. Take heart my friend, your mom loves you despite her fond memories of your clever brother Bingo's knack for that bothersome little toy. They say it's never easy being the younger sibling ;-)

  2. LOL! I've always been offended by Stanley Coren's list. My breed is way smart than some of the breeds higher up! (No, I'm not biased ;-) )

    Of course one criteria he used to judge this was "obey first command" which to me speaks of biddability and not intelligence. Plus every dog is an individual, and a lot can be based on how they were raised/trained/ interacted with, etc.

  3. Oh good job!! Of course you are smart!

  4. I think dogs are smart in different ways. And you proved it!

    --Woofs (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats

  5. LOL. Listen, you're perfectly correct about Item 6. Bet you'd run to "cookie jar," too, right? We would. Woofs from Jeffie, Rudy and Rosie who wonder how well Mr. Coren would do on an IQ test ;-)

  6. Now see, this test is just as much about the humans as it is about the dogs. My Aussies are brilliant, but they ignore the mom something fierce most of the time, which is my own dang fault. I doubt they'd even get into Yale. :(

  7. Well done, Weasley! I knew you were pretty smart :-)

  8. That is a hard test and it doesn't seem like you had a chance to study! Where did you find the tug a jug? I've seen them on other blogs. They look fun and challenging!

  9. We haven't heard of this test, but we completely agree with you. We know all the food words including refrigerator. Now if they called out tractor or convertible, we'd ignore that.
    Never bet against the pug when it comes to food. We can be diabolical geniuses when it comes to food.

  10. Good job, Weasley. I'm going to have to try it out on the dogs.

  11. Great job with the test Weasley. You know all of us pugs are smart enough to know that just looking cute usually gets us what we want!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  12. how interesting! i love the idea of this test but im' not sure how well it could measure my pugs intelligence. phyllis' three legs might make it hard for her to do a few of them, and priscilla is pretty much deaf and blind!

  13. HI Weasley
    We loved reading this post. We knew all along that you were smart. My mommy thinks we can play this game too and see if I can get out from under a towel!

  14. That goes to show Weasley you are one clever dude and that the tug a jar is just rubbish. We say play bows to you super intelligence. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  15. Weasley, you got the whole package - brains, good looks, and a wonderful personality. The most important thing in life is love, and you've got plenty of that in your family! :)

    P.S. I 'm going to see if my Dad will give me the tests. I don't care about the results - I just want the treats!


  16. Thank you so much for posting this! Is it alright if I talk about your blog post in a future one of mine?

    By the way, a lady at my work has 3 pugs and mentioned her pug has issues with solving a toy similar to the tug-a-jug. I wonder if there is something about the toy that isn't very pug friendly?

  17. Way to go Weasley!!!! But now I'm afraid the book Mom is looking for in in our room is that test. I better go study.

  18. Mesa just tears the toys apart...

    Stop on by for a visit


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