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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Collectables: Vintage Barettes

Lots of vintage lovers collect jewelry from Victorian necklaces to Art Deco earings to Bakelite bangles.  My personal vintage jewelry favorite is the humble barrette.  Barrettes have a lot going for them from a collecting stand point, they are pretty inexpensive to collect and they are plentiful since they were manufactured in large quantities.  My collection is still small, since I only recently started collecting barrettes, but I am hoping to keep expanding it.  I particularly like pre-1960s barrettes, and I'm partial to anything with dogs on it.  So far these are my favorite barrettes.

 I got them from the lovely Etsy shop Rose Bud Cottage which has all kinds of gorgeous vintage hair accessories.  I took some not very good selfies of the barrettes in my fairly unruly hair.  If like me you are not adept at styling hair and are eternally in awe of the elaborate vintage hair styles shown on style blogs and you tube then barrettes give you a chance to easily add a little vintage flair to your locks.

Another vintage barrette source on Etsy is Sophie's Hats and More.  This shop has a lot of barrettes and hair clips made from recycled vintage jewelry.  I got this yellow barrette made from a broken Bakelite flower.

 I like how something damaged was given new life in this barrette. 

  Of course if you frequent flea markets that would also be an excellent source for vintage Barrettes, and it most certainly would not be hard to recycle broken vintage jewelry into new barrettes with the help of a hot glue gun and a plain clip.  Whatever vintage jewelry you collect its fun to think about who might have owned your treasure previously and to cherish a little piece of history all your own.


  1. What a wonderful thing to collect, especially since you love vintage fashion.

  2. I wear my hair in barrettes too, those doggie ones are so cute. I really like the idea of giving the flower petal new life in the barrette!

  3. i love your little collection! i just started picking up vintage barrettes to, i have five so far. i'm with you, i don't know how to do all those beautiful elaborate vintage hairstyles, but i can put a barrette in my hair!

  4. They are great. What fun. Have a fabulous Friday and stay cool.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Barrettes are all kinds of darling! I have a real passion for them, as well (though I can't claim to own too many vintage ones so far, I do have quite a few that are easy to weave into old school outfits and a few of the real deal, too), that stretches back to early childhood. All of yours are so wonderfully cute - I especially love the puppy ones (as I'm sure Annie also would!).

    You're in my thoughts during NYC's heatwave, honey. Please try to take things as slow and easy as possible all weekend long - and until the temps have calmed down a bit. I've experienced some super hot heat waves before and know what a sincere challenge they can be.

    ♥ Jessica


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