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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Tummy Troubles

We could use some well wishes for Bob.  Over the Christmas vacation he started to have some tummy troubles, and one day he vomited quite a bit and had some diarrhea.   We took him to the vet and he was given antibiotics and the vomiting has stopped.  The other problems have cleared up a bit, but not entirely.   He is eating and drinking and acting normally, and most importantly no vomiting or accidents in the house, but he still has a bit of diarrhea though not too bad.   Unfortunately our regular vet is away and Im not too crazy about the practices other vet, so we are trying to see if we can wait until his regular vet is available for a follow up.  So far we can because the problem is really not too bad, but we could still use some tummy well wishes.


  1. Sounds like he might have caught a little bug or eaten something that didn't agree with him. Have you added FortiFlora to his food?

    1. He gets probiotics regularly and he has actually been eating chicken and rice due to this with just a small amount of kibble. We think its a bug. Its not parasites as that test was negative

  2. Tummy well wishes from us. Why does this always happen when the regular vet is not available?

  3. We are sending some get well soon POTP Bob's way!

  4. Sending you lots of POTP, get well soon Bob
    Loves and healing licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  5. Sending you some pug POTP for Bob. When Mr Bailey has some "loose" issues a spoon of pure pumpkin puree seems to help
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  6. Poor, sweet Bob. I'm really sorry to hear that he's feeling unwell. Annie had some very similar sounding GI issues in early December and underwent a battery of tests and x-rays to try and get to the bottom of things. In the end nothing serious, thank goodness, was found, and we (Tony, myself and our vet) suspect that she may have ingested too much sand a the dog park we usually take her to, as they recently replaced the dirt with sand there (we much preferred the dirt). Since then the ground has been covered with plenty of snow, so the point has been somewhat moot (her ability to ingest sand again), but come spring, we'll be on high alert and at the first sign of such issues again, will, sadly, simply stop going (which will create problems unto itself, as Annie is an extremely high energy dog and needs a lot of exercise everyday). We'll make it work though of course, as we wouldn't want her getting sick again.

    Sending lots of hugs and healing wishes Bob's way,
    ♥ Jessica

  7. The poor boy. We're sending you some POTP for him, and hope your vet returns soon.

  8. I am sending postive healing thoughts for Bob!!! And lots of healing magic bubbles.

  9. Aw! Sending him good vibes, poor Bob!

  10. poor bob! I'm glad it is nothing too serious, i hope you are able to find the root of the problem too. Phyllis had uncontrollable diarrhea a few years ago (of course the week we were out of town and she was at my parents house!) and it ended up being a bacterial infection, we think from drinking out of a stagnate puddle.

  11. I hope Bob feels better soon!!!! Poor boy! :(

  12. I'm sorry you have been feeling sick, Bob! Hope you were able to get in to see your normal vet to get your feeling better again.



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