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Monday, December 19, 2016

Kitschmas Cat Skirt-A Vintage Outfit Post (And Some New Holiday Sweaters)

I've written may  times before about how much I love seasonal and Holiday dressing.  It saddens me that Christmas dressing such a fun and stylish part of mid-century Holidays

has in the 21st century turned into an ugly sweater joke.  Personally I'll never be convinced that the right festive sweater, or dress, or skirt isn't perfectly lovely.  Which brings me to the subject of todays post.   My new Christmas skirt from my favorite vintage reproduction designers, Girl in a Whirl, with just the right mix of mid century holiday cheer and Christmas kitsch this is my dream Holiday skirt. 

 I have quite a few vintage, and vintage inspired, clothing items with dogs on them, including my pug and poodle skirt from Girl in A Whirl, but I'm a proud cat mom too and my vintage wardrobe was lacking feline elements.   Inspired by mid century cat themed Christmas illustrations:


and vintage Christmas circle skirts:

which where indeed a thing.   (In fact the inventor or the poodle skirt, Juli Lynne Charlot, actually got her start not with her famous canines, they came later, but with a Christmas themed skirt she fashioned for a Holiday party.) I asked Girl In A Whirl to make me a Christmas cat skirt.  I left the design up to her but asked that the cat be white, both because it would show up nicely on the green fabric of the skirt and because our youngest kitty spot is a lovely snow white shade:

Well as always she did a fabulous job and the skirt is just Christmas perfection.

Cute, festive, and delightfully kitschy.

I've been wearing it a lot this December and it is such a fun and festive outfit.

I paired the skirt with a red lurex wrap top from Freddies of Pinewood, red and green bakelite bangles and a sparkly novelty Holiday brooch from Luxulite:

Feeling you just cant have too much Christmas in an outfit I also added candy cane striped earrings from Luxulite and a Christmas Headband from Chatter Blossom, and oh red gloves too.

My apologies for the hideous backgrounds, my urban neighborhood might be dreary but hey at least my clothes are pretty.

Like all of my Girl In a Whirl skirts this one is really comfortable and easy to wear, its practical for biking and walking and with thick tights layered underneath keeps me warm.

 I'm not the only one with new Christmas clothes though, this Sunday we saw Star Wars: Rogue One, yes I cheated on Star Trek and yes I really loved the movie, it is by far my favorite Star Wars film.  After the movie we went to the Pet Valu and there last two  holiday sweaters where 50% off and the perfect size for  Fry and Tuvok.

Happy Holidays! 

PS-Poor Ping (black pug) has bronchitis again and any good thoughts are appreciated.


  1. Love the vintage outfits. Adorable Santa pics. I still think there is a difference between the ugly Christmas sweater and the nice Christmas sweater. DH had on his for a party yesterday and I've loved it for a couple of years now.

    However, some of us also have memories of those hand knit itchy items that in my case never quite fit right so I've been amused by the movement

  2. I was hoping you would have a cute Christmas outfit. The dogs are a bonus.

  3. You guys looks fantastic
    Not Naughty,
    Lily & Edward

  4. Love the skirt. First thing we thought of was the poodle skirt! We see Tuvok can make anything a poodle skirt...BOL! Love it.

  5. Aww, poor ping! I'm also suffering with lung issues recently, so my sympathies are there.

    Your skirt is just fantastic! And, I can't help thinking that it would make a great heirloom and could be used--even by a man--as a tree skirt, too! I also really like the other styles shown on that pattern cover. The shot of you sitting with Tuvok is extra sweet; love the boys' new sweaters.

  6. What a great skirt! Yes it is sad that many occasions that used to call for dressing up - people no longer do. I love your style!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & mabel

  7. I love all those festive vintage images and how amazing is that skirt! It looks like it was made for you, Kate! xxx

  8. This skirt is a brilliant combination of festive cheer and kitsch and looks just perfect on you. xx

  9. Wow, I love love love your skirt! That is so cute! Such a great design with kitty and Christmas ornaments :-)

  10. Adorable! Your skirt, the dogs, the images they are all superb. Happy Holidays!

  11. Hope Ping feels better soon xxx
    Your skirt is incredible! So perfectly Christmassy and very you.

  12. Fabulous skirt. It looks so great on.

  13. Sending best wishes to poor Ping.

    Your skirt is fabulous! I don't like the ugly Christmas jumper thing either, it's become a massive thing here in the UK in the past five years. Why can't people just look nice for Christmas, like you do?

  14. I adore this skirt! And I agree about Christmas dressing, it needs to make more of a classy comeback, as it can look so wonderfully elegant.

  15. Amazingly cute skirt! I think this one may be my all time favorite by Girl In A Whirl that you've featured on your blog (though I may be a bit biased ;) ) Love the new Christmas sweaters for your pups too! Hope Ping is feeling better!


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