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Monday, December 5, 2016

Around Town: Fry's Trip to the Jersey City Holiday Market

Living  in the city as we do holiday markets are a big thing.  We used to go into Manhattan to the Union Square Holiday Market, but now there is no need too.  As legions of New Yorkers have been priced out of Manhattan and the boroughs, they have crossed the river to NJ and Jersey City, where we live, is becoming the 6th borough.  This has meant a glut of new restaurants and stores and events.  One cool new thing is Project Market,  a bi-monthly outdoor market with food vendors and artists.  

This past weekend Project Market had their biggest market of the year, the Holiday market.  We biked down town with Fry in his basket to check it out.  Fry is currently our best bicycling dog and I really should have gotten a picture of him on the bike.   (Incidentally we have been seriously considering going car free which would mean investing in some different pet bike trailers for the other dogs.  We rarely drive and I love the idea of being car free, except for occasional rentals, if we can figure out how to manage it. Luckily we are two blocks from our vet.  Not only is biking it better for the environment, it saves money, and is great exercises.  My husband is really passionate about biking.)

Fry after his  bike ride.

The market was pretty big and Fry was maybe a little overwhelmed.

We tried S'mores hot chocolate with a gingersnap cookie rim and fried Wisconsin cheese curds.   I didn't get a picture of the curds but they were delicious.

There were tons of stands, more then I could photograph:

My favorite stand was unsurprisingly, the vintage one.  They had a cute collection of vintage valentine cards:

 and some fun poodle things,   I bought the 1950s poodle book ends.

The one thing the market was missing was dog treats!  I was pretty disapointed.  We made it up to Fry by giving him part of a donut from the Italian bakery, so he was happy.

All in all we had a great time at the market, and I love my new book ends.


  1. What a fun place to go, love Frys coat. stella rose

  2. I love the face expressions on Pugs. They are adorable.

  3. Oh boy what a special day with mom and dad. We really enjoy those markets
    Lily & Edward

  4. If you can go car free, that's great! So nice to have everything so close. And that Market looks wonderful.

    We have friends who used to live in NJ. They laughed because they said they paid little money to look at the skyline every night. And those in Manhattan were paying a fortune to look at them!

  5. What a great market. And if Fry was a little overwhelmed, he always had you to give him a reassuring cuddle.
    Toodle pip!

  6. Wow, that looks so much fun! Too bad they didn't have treats for dogs, but doughnut would make a good snack :-)
    Love the poodle bookends. Very cute!

  7. I love a good market, especially Christmas ones. I went to several over the weekend whilst up in London. Your one looks fab and I love those book ends. xx

  8. That looks like a wonderful market, and how great that you were able to get there by bike! I never had a car when I lived in the city, and it's actually very liberating. Of course, I didn't have any pets to ferry around then ... Love your coat and the poodle bookends! xxx

  9. Love your coat!

    We were car free for a while, which wasn't too bad most of the time but our vet was in another town, so we had to go by train or in an emergency, a taxi. There was one Christmas shopping trip where a fatality on the line meant we couldn't get a train home as we lived in a village and needed a slow train, but only fast ones were running, so we had to walk four miles home weighed down with bags.

  10. That looks like a super market. I bet Fry got lots of attention.

    Your bookends are fab, but now I'm really intrigued by the books between them - those titles just make me want to pick them up and start reading!

  11. Enjoyed this. I didn't realize you started the blog back up. The market looked great!

  12. Good find on the poodle books ends! Adorbs! Winter markets are the best :)

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  14. That looks like so much fun! That's so cool that Fry gets to ride on the bike with you. Great exercise, FREE, and better for the environment. That donut sure looks tasty!


  15. The market sounds so much fun and I love the new book ends. Also, wowzer on your cat Christmas skirt!! So cute!


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