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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Modern Purveyors of Vintage-Christmas Candy Binge From The Vermont Country Store

I think we can all agree Holiday time is candy time:

And if you are a committed vintage-file like me you want even your Christmas candy to have a vintagey vibe.  Fortunately, the perfect source exists, The Vermont Country store.

Their catalog is chock-a-block with old school candies you can't find anywhere else and my husband's aunt has been to the actual stores massive candy room.

Vintage Candy Heaven

This year I gave holiday baking a pass, and instead ordered oodles of candy from the Vermont country store.  There where so many options in the catalog that it was very, very hard to decide but I selected four varities to order.

1)  Bendick's Bittermints:

Warning: For serious mint lovers only!  Remember that old York Peppermint Patty get the sensation commercial:

Well it should have been for Bittermints!  I love them but they are super minty.  Bendick's is a British company founded in the 1930s and famed for their almost bitter dark chocolate, the mint's are encased in it.  It is still widely available in England but tough to find in the USA.

Cost $22.95 eek! for one box

2) Orton's Fudge

I've always loved fudge and I feel like good quality fudge is hard to come by.  This is supposed to be old school  copper kettle fudge and I was pretty excited.  It was by no means bad, but it didn't quite live up to my expectations.  I did really love the maple walnut flavor and the chocolate walnut was great too.   I just wasn't crazy about the penuche flavor and I have had better fudges from craft markets and such.

Cost: $22.95 for 1.5 lb sample box

3) Giant Gum Drops:

You know when you have a childhood memory of something and then the adult revisitation of it just doesn't live up to expectations, thats how I feel about these spice drops.  I have clear memories of loving these as a kid, but as an adult I only really enjoyed the licorice drops.  I still  ate quite a few and they are tasty, and a testament to the addictive nature of sugar.

Cost $12.95 for 1.5 lb bag

4) Merrimints:

These are by far my favorites.   I love everything abut this candy from the adorable mid century packaging to the pretty colors of the fondant slices to the super minty flavor.  These old school candies come in cinnamon, spearmint, and mint flavors and are usually pastel colored but for Christmas they come in traditional red, white, and green.  Merri-mints where popular in the 50s and then the company was bought by Sara Lee in the 1968 and they disappeared for a bit.  However, recently candy purveyors like the Vermont Country Store have resurrected them.   After one taste I am now a life long fan.

Cost $24.95 for one box, price for sure but they are impossible to find elsewhere


  1. I gained five pounds just reading this post but enjoyed every pound.

  2. The Vermont Country Store....haven't heard of that for AGES! Glad it's still going. What a choice! Some things may be expensive, but it's Christmas and you deserve what you fancy!

  3. Oh man, now I'm having a serious candy craving! Those all look fantastic. I remember those " get the sensation " ads! Those were great.

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  5. Oooh that candy store looks so dreamy! I really would like to try that fudge :-)

  6. Oh the candies of childhood…Brach's maple candies, and those coconut squares that were pink, white, and brown…and every year my parents made divinity to give at work - it was an adventure every year, sometimes it came out right and sometimes not, then they had to start all over. I'm not much of a candy eater anymore (except dark chocolate) but - Thank you for the trip down memory lane.

  7. How pretty those Merri-Mints are so festive!

  8. What a lovely post! The vintage candy may be different from what we had in Belgium, but it's making me feel nostalgic all the same. xxx

  9. They remind me so much of the candies of my childhood.

  10. HAHA! Christmas time is TOTALLY candy time! <3 That's great that there is a place you can get vintage style candies. Sorry to hear a lot of it didn't live up to your memories or expectations. At least it's all so pretty to look at! :D Hope you have a fantastic holiday season my friend! <3

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