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Friday, November 11, 2016

Adventures in Vintage Hair Styling-Happy Birthday to The Queen of The Bob-Louise Brooks

November 14 will mark the 131st anniversary of the birth of one of the most stylish women of all time, Louise Brooks.  The queen of the bob, Louise was known not just for her brilliant acting, but her rebellious flapper spirit and her gorgeous, shiny Bob.

Louise's hair was so striking that she was known as "the girl in the black helmet." Perhaps, her look was a little too iconic because she never transitioned out of her flapper image and her film career evaporated in the 1930s.

Louise appeared in just 12   films, yet nearly 100 years later she remains one of the most recognizable stars of the silent era, particularly for the 1929 German film Pandora's Box.

Louise will never be my favorite silent female star, my heart forever belongs to Clara Bow, but I do adore her and I think that in the flapper hair contest she passes the finish line before the others even get out of the opening.  No one has ever looked as fabulous in a Bob as Louise did.  I'm no Louise Brooks, and I'm constantly changing my hair, but for the past 15 years I keep returning to one particular style, the close cropped Brook's style Bob. 

 While I'm no Louise, I really think this is my all time favorite hair style and for now at least I've decided to keep it.  Do you have a favorite iconic hair style?

On another note if you read this blog you know we have had some pet health problems this month, though thankfully none too serious yet.   First Fry had a biopsy (benign yeah!), then our cat Ernie had a seizure or cardiac arythmia attack we don't really know which, and now 13 year old Ping has bronchitis.  She started honking and coughing on Election night, perhaps sickened as I was by the turn of events, and I was really afraid that she had pneumonia.  Thankfully, it's just bronchitis, but respiratory issues are always serious in pugs, particularly older pugs, and we are a little concerned.  Thankfully, so far she seems to be coughing a bit less and responding to the antibiotics, but any well wishes are appreciated.


  1. We are sending many healing thoughts eastward to you.

  2. SHE likes any hairstyle that requires little work! Love the 'bob'. Healing vibes to Ernie, we'll keep our paws crossed. Hope he continues to improve.

  3. sending some special pug POTP for Ping.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  4. I did have a Louise Brooks in the late 1980s! Hope Ping gets better soon, and that this will be the end of the pet health problems for you. It can be so frightfully worrying if they are ill. xxx

  5. You look very pretty in bob hair style!
    Sending thoughts and healing vibes to Ping. xoxo

  6. Glad the biopsy turned OK. Hope Ernie feels better soon. Bronchitis is no fun ...and either was that election. Ugh

  7. Oh your poor pups! I am sending good speedy recovery thoughts to your beloved dogs.

    Louise Brooks is truly a style icon and her style really suits you :)

  8. Yes, the bob is a great look! :) I'm sending lots of good pug juju your way for the all fur-kids. Sorry to hear it's been coming in waves, but glad to know things are starting to look better.

    Sid & his dad

  9. I went down the Lousie Brooks route with my hair in the early 2000's but it didn't really work on me. My hair is way too thick to be cut that short and instead of a lovely slick bob, it looked more like a triangle on top of my head!

    I hope Ping and your other fur babies are feeling a bit better now xx

  10. I'm really loving your new do! Looks perfect on you! It really suits you well. Sorry to hear about all the health problems with your kids. I hope Ping (and every one else) will be alright!


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