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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas Sweaters!!!

I've never understood the whole "ugly Christmas sweaters" thing.  Personally, I think seasonal dressing is great fun.  I love  seeing vintage images of people dressed in their festive Holiday styles.  

Thats why I was super excited this summer when I came across a Jatzen Christmas sweater that I had actually seen in a 1950s advertisement.

When I realized it fit me I really couldn't believe my luck.  

It's Kitschmas perfection!

 It's also very comfortable and warm when worn with a thermal, which stops any vintage itches, and my Freddies of Pinewood jeans.  

Of course I'm not going to leave my babies out of the Holliday cheer and while we where at Petsmart shopping for Holliday toys we bought some sweaters for the younger members of the family (Ping and Bob already have several).

We had fun posing for our Holiday photos:

I'm curious to know what others think but in my opinion Holiday dressing is lots of fun.   I think what I hate about modern clothes is its all so utilitarian and boring, some of it might be elegant, but its rarely fun.   I might be getting some odd looks and raised eye brows but I'll be wearing this sweater, and my other Holiday outfits, all season long!


  1. I love Christmas sweaters! Your find is amazing. Its so fun to find something you have an actual vintage advertisement for. You look so perfect all Christmased up with your little Christmas fur babies.

  2. It's a wonderful sweater, and looks very festive on you. Love the Christmas photos with everyone!

  3. My favorite sweater was one that said, "I WANT IT ALL" with bells and holly all around. I wore it only at Christmas, but I finally wore it out.

  4. I think Christmas sweaters are fun and adorable. You look very pretty in your sweater!
    And your babies are so cute! I love the last two family photos for holiday very much!

  5. I'm a huge fan of seasonal/holiday dressing. Not just for Christmas, but all throughout the year. It adds such a special note of joy to the year.

    You all look terrific in your fun festive knits!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  6. I love all of these wonderful sweaters! The picture with you and your pups is too adorable. What a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Cheers!

  7. I've seen a gazillion Christmas sweaters in the shops this year.
    Yours looks so vintage.
    Aww, just look at those pups in their sweaters, so adorable!
    Lynne x

  8. Such a great jumper and very nice to find the original advert too.

  9. The sweater is beyond perfect! Love it :) I don't get the idea of new manufactured tacky Christmas sweaters either when there's so many vintage ones out there to find. But I'm in my thrifting/vintage bubble too often, I forget most people buy new clothes. Love that advertisement!

  10. You guys all look great in your sweaters. You're right about having fun with it - can't just wear black and grey all the time, right? I love how Fry and Weasley are cuddling together.


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