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Monday, December 12, 2016

We Met Santa!

This weekend we met Santa!

Sadly he didn't arrive in a cool 1950s car.  He was at the Staten Island Pet Smart.

First we visited Grandpa in Bay Ridge

We didn't bring Bob because we know he is not too crazy about his Uncle Rocco, not pictured, a puggle.  After visiting Grandpa we drove through Staten Island to see the big guy, sadly the NJ pet smart has stopped having a live Santa and our local pet store that used to do photos closed.  So Pet Smart it was, and it was packed!  The line wrapped around the store and I was reminded of my favorite Christmas Story, Santa Land Diaries by David Sedaris, if you haven't read or listened to it you must!   Here is the link to the transcript and recording.

Anyway, I was relived we hadn't brought Bob because he would never have tolerated the line and there was a huge pet adoption event too, I was glad about that because we where able to make a donation.  The line was filled with cute dogs so it was fun.

My favorite was a tiny chihuahua puppy, you can barely see him on his mom's shoulder here:

I got to hold him and should have taken a photo then but I was seriously overwhelmed!  He was so tiny and cute.  He weighed 1.5 lbs and was 14 weeks old.  He made Tuvok look huge.  His mom said he should get to be between 3.5 and 4 lbs fully grown which is a healthy weight for a chihuahua, I've done research.  Why anyone on Earth would want an even smaller dog is beyond me but they do!  Someday I will have a chihuahua from a reputable Chihuahua club of America breeder.   

Anyway we finally reached the end of the line and there was Santa.  Santa was very nice but the photo elf was kind of rude.  

The pictures I too with my phone where better then the pet smart digital downloads and they didn't even give you a print out!  That really dissapointed me because I have all the old Santa photos with our past pets displayed in the house.  Here is a photo of our rescue pug Bingo form eight years ago.  We adopted him after moving to NJ.  He had cancer and was incontinent and had to use a stroller but he lived almost two years!  He was such a sweet old guy.

 I really wanted to be able to display Santa photos  of Weasley Fry and Tuvok on our mantle along with our old dogs.  Oh well. 

Happy Holidays!


  1. That line with all the pups waiting to see Santa must have been quite a sight.
    Bertie and I are wondering if there were any big dogs in the queue?
    Cheers, Gail.

  2. Love your photos with Santa!
    When I saw the blonde chi in the red coat, she reminds me of Bridge. She was about that size too. Dip was very tiny but I personally prefer the bigger ones.
    Lynne x

  3. I hate standing in line, but I would have liked that line with all the cute doggies. Love your dogs' faces.

  4. A shame the photos weren't what you expected. We don't know if Santa showed up at our local Pet Barn this year. We usually go because the overpriced photo is really a donation to the pet shelter. Don't think we would have stayed in line that long.

  5. One of the local chains does Santa Pics at each of their stores, but one has a professional photographer we really like each year. She is so popular that she books up before December 1. Mom has been looking them to post the times since Halloween. When she finally saw the post there were only 3 slots left!!!

    For this fundraiser you get a digital picture with the required charitable donation, however, you can buy separate physical pics that get mailed to you. We bought a couple of Annie pics that were amazing.

  6. What a great idea to have your pets pose with Santa. I don't think our pet shop does it. Maybe it's an idea for them ... xxx

  7. What a fun getting photos with Santa! The store photos do look bit blur, but yours are looking great! Love the one with Bingo, too. What a cute pug he was :-)

  8. Hehehe, how cute!

    My husband is a massive David Sedaris fan - I should remind him to listen to the Santaland Diaries again.

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  10. How sweet! I don't think they do this sort of thing over here, though my old school friend takes her dogs to a dog cafe so who knows what's next xx

  11. That's so fun you got to take your ups to see Santa! I got to take Murkurie to see Santa one year. I put that photo out every Christmas <3 They were doing this event too at my local Petco and I really wanted to go and bring the cats but I was busy all the day they were doing this and had already made the plans. Hopefully I will be able to do it again next year. Love the photos! Sorry that the photo elf was rude. It looks like it was a really huge event at your Petco!


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