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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Vintage Outfit Post-1950s Pool Side Style

I've always dreamed of a mid century beach side  (or poolside) vacation.  The hotels, the clothes, the bright colors, it was all so beautiful. 

Of course lacking a time machine the vacation of my dreams is a little beyond me, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy my summer staycation in classic mid century style.    

This weekend I got to attend a family pool party and I put together an outfit that made me feel like I stepped out of a 50s beach side motor lodge.   The dress and bolero was made for me by the Etsy shop Vintage Rags and Digs.  This is a really great shop due entirely to my own measurement error the dress top didn't fit right when I first got it and the shop owner fixed it for me free of charge and added ties so the halter would fit my body type better, very nice of her and the end result is just what I wanted.

 I love that the halter ties keep it up and I love that it has a bolero, since I like a little bit of extra coverage:

 The print is also really fun its a little hard to see in the pictures but its a wave print with salmon colored swordfish on it.   I paired it with some bakelite and bamboo bangles, my beloved 1940s coconut purse, some 1950s cats eye shades, and my green remix sandals.   

To carry on the swordfish theme I added a pink swordfish novelty brooch from Mrs. Polly's Lucite that looks like it was made for the set.

 I was also super pleased with how my hair turned out and it was very easy to do.  I've been struggling for months with foam rollers, a bonnet dryer and pin curl clips in an effort to get a 50s style curly bob, with little success.  For this look I styled my hair by creating pin curls with a curling iron (first I sprayed it liberally with heat protectant), pinning them with clips, spraying with hair spray and then unpinning about half an hour later.  It was super easy to do.  I used this video as a guide, but be warned this women must have asbestos fingers because she touches the iron.  I didn't do that I just slid the curl of the iron, rerolled it, and pinned it.  Her look is definitely more polished but I'm still pleased with mine.  

 It was a really fun look for a fun day which is what vacation, or staycation, clothing should be all about.  Do you have a dream vacation?

Outfit Details

Halter Dress and Bolero Set-Vintage Rags and Digs
Bamboo and Bakelite Bangles-Thrifted
1940s Coconut Purse-Etsy, but I forgot the seller
1950s Cat's Eye Sunglasses-Etsy, I forgot the seller
1940s Style Sandals-Remix
1950s Style Novelty Brooch and Earings-Mrs. Polly's Lucite



  1. My mother had a swimsuit just like the one worn by girl on the left of the three leaning against the surfboard. As a child in the 1960s I thought it woefully old fashioned!
    Cheers, Gail.

    1. That suits my favorite of the three. It's such a flattering style

  2. You look beautiful in your dress. Your hair looks great, too!
    I love that cute pink swordfish :-)

  3. Love the colours and the lines of that style. Hope the pool party was fun, too.

  4. I have always wanted to back to a poolside party in L.A. during "Golden Age of Hollywood"...anywhere between 1935 until 1949!

    Love your outfit and OMD, I wish I had the patience to do my hair like that!

  5. Those vintage photos are so cool, I'd like a holiday time machine too. I'm loving your outfit with the bolero, and it goes really well with your hair too! xxx

  6. You look sun-sational! :) Seriously, you do! What a fabulous handmade summer set. I'm with you on liking a bit of extra coverage, I almost never wear bear arms in public and just feel so much more confident and like myself when I'm sporting something with sleeves.

    Have a wonderful week ahead,
    ♥ Jessica

  7. Gorgeous outfit! That is amazing of the seller to resize the top for you at no charge. Sounds like a seller to stick with indeed! I love the dress and bolero set too. So pretty and looks like true vintage! Your hair is amazing as well. I love the way you styled it. I know what you mean about the dream 50's beach or pool vacation. I'd love to take a 50's beach or pool vacation too. I guess it would be possible at Viva Las Vegas but what I've heard about the amount of crowd there I'm a little scared to check it out.

  8. You look fab! All perfectly put together. Ready for summer at Kellerman's...

  9. Why do they always look as though they were enjoying life more than we do, sheesh :)
    Lynne x

  10. Cute outfit! I love the blue bathers in the first picture, so pretty.

    I haven't been on holiday since our honeymoon!

  11. Lets invent that Time Machine, can't be that hard :) Gosh those swimsuits, those pools..dreamy.

    Fantastic outfit and I'm still digging the blue hair :)


  12. This is so lovely and you look fabulous! I need a fancy pool party to attend too!

  13. Fantastic outfit. You look great.


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