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Monday, August 15, 2016

Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair

Today marks the 47th anniversary of Woodstock:

Despite a brief flirtation with grungy hippie style when I was in high school and college in the 90s, I've never been much for hippie fashions (I prefer the more polished looks of the early 60s), but since childhood I have had a great fondness for one hippie accessory, the flower crown:

Now to be fair, the flower crown made its appearance long before the 1960s.  There are plenty of images of gorgeous Edwardian ladies in flower crowns

and 1920s flappers sported them too:

But the look achieved its full glory in the late '60s, and floral band headgear will forever be associated with the optimistic hippies.

And it is a beautiful look, one that takes a little big of courage to wear, but once you take the plunge you'll see its fun and fabulous.  I now feel a bit naked with out a flower or a hat on my head.  
In honor of the 47th anniversary of 3 Days of Peace, Love, and Music here is my take on the flower child look.
 The dress is from Bernie Dexter.      It's the Paris Dress in My Deer print and I got it through the face book group: The Bernie Dexter Collective.  This is a group of Bernie fanatics like myself, many of whom re-sell dresses they have tired of or which didn't fit properly, so I managed to get this dress for a great price.  

Sometimes a comapnies designs just suit you, and that is how I feel about Bernie Dexter, she clearly shares my love of novelty prints and all of her dresses seem to fit me well.  I'm quite short, five feet, and they are never too long on me.  I wear a large in Bernie and so far I've tried the Kelly, Paris and Veronique style dresses and all have fit me well.  

This dress is in the Paris cut, and initially I was a little nervous that I would find the spaghetti straps and neckline too revealing, but I really like it.  It's cut high enough that it doesn't show underarm chub and it stays up well.  It reminds me of some of the spaghetti strap styles Marilyn wore.

I like the back too, low but not shockingly so.

This outfit makes me feel  a bit child like, like a fairy princess, in the best way possible.  No doubt it is the flower crown which I got about two years ago from Chatter Blossom and which is a copy of the 1920s crown worn by Louise Brooks.  I couldn't find any woodland animals to commune with so I settled for Fry and Spot.


Outfit Details:

My Deer Dress-Bernie Dexter (I got mine for a very discounted price from the facebook group, Bernie Dexter collective)
Vintage Flower Crown-Chatter Blossom
1960s Novelty Purse-
1940s Style Canvas Sandals-Remix Vintage Shoes


  1. Very cool tribute to Woodstock
    Lily & Edward

  2. I luffs the flowers in your hair fact I haf to say that today with us 'Great minds think alike!'
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. What a great ensemble! I'd consider wearing flowers, as long as they were the edible variety. :)


  4. What a fun dress! I'm a big fan of the "flower girl look" and love flower crowns. I fact, they still sell them at the farmer's market up here in Northern California!

  5. You look very pretty in your dress and flower crown!
    Fry and Spot are looking cute, too :-)

  6. My daughter wore a floral headpiece for her outdoor wedding. It was lovely and set the tone for the whole wedding.

  7. Oh my, is it 47 years already? I was never a hippie (born too late for it), but I'm loving some of the Pre-Raphaelite looks. Your flower crown is very sweet and I'm simply in awe of the print of that dress! xxx

  8. The cut *is* like that dress Marilyn wore, isn't it? And it really suits you. As does your flower crown.

  9. So cute. The Paris cut is perfect on you. I love looking through the different photos of the flower crown through the ages. It's so fun seeing them compared side by side :)

  10. Enchantingly pretty dress and floral crown. Anything deer themed/print melts my heart. Way to go on scoring this super lovely frock for a great deal on FB.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  11. Oh I love flower crowns! Mind you, I have quite a weakness for 60s hippie looks :) But I love that you have made your tribute to Woodstock suit your own style, and you have done it beautifully.

  12. You look beautiful and I adore the print on your gorgeous dress.

    My mother fancied herself as a hippy back in the day, she even took to wearing flowers in her hair after hearing the Scott Mackenzie song x


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