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Friday, August 12, 2016

Cinema Style Spotlight-Early 80s Fashion on Netflix's Stranger Things

I just finished watching the amazing Netflix sci-fi series Stranger Things. 

 Dripping in 1980s nostalgia its a tribute to the sci-fi and horror classics of the era and references a horde of films and tv shows, including Back to The Future, Stephen King, Star Wars, and Twin Peaks to name just a few.  Unlike much entertainment set in the 1980s, Stranger Things is subtle in its references, and its fashion, which is spot on early 80s perfection.   The adults clothing is rather boring but the two groups of kids have some great looks.  

The younger children, a nerdy group of Dungeon and Dragons playing boys, the  mysterious disapearace of one of their number is the crux of show, wear the sort of casual clothes you'd expect on pre-teen boys but with lots of references to earlier sci-fi works. The vest  on the right is clearly a Marty McFly tribute.

Their t-shirts, corderoy jackets, and sweatshirts are authentic 1980s, but would look very stylish today. (I think the camo head band is a Rambo reference and I'm crazy about the turquoise explorer hoodie)


The boys mysterious friend Eleven sports a baby dress and denim jacket that recalls the early day of grunge.

The older group of kids, led by the teenage beauty Nancy, have a more defined  sense of style.  

The girl in the pink sweater on the far right, Barb, Nancy's best friend has become something of an internet and instagram style icon, inspiring the hashtag #weareallbarb.   Her geeky chic: all pie crust necklines, mom jeans and grandma glasses, is strangely compelling:

Sadly Barb makes an early exit from the show.  Leaving Nancy to investigate her dissapearance while wearing a range of high neck sweaters and 80s jeans.

The clothing on the two lead teenage boys hi-lights their respective popular jock and shy loner stereotypes perfectly.

It's one of those shows where every frame looks perfect.  If your a sic-fi or horror fan or a child of the 80s or a combo of all three then this is something you have to watch.


  1. I have this in my "must watch" list! Thanks for the review, I've heard lots of great things about Stranger Things!

  2. I haven't dared read all your post as this series was recommended to us and we've only seen episodes 1&2 so far but it's looking good
    Now where's my popcorn!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Thank you for the recommendation. Some of their fashions does bring nostalgia for Back to the Future :-)

  4. Tony and I have been debating getting into this series. Your positive review - and highlight of the fashions (SO MANY MEMORIES!!!) - seals the deal for me now, and if he isn't game, I'll just try to watch it on my own late at night.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  5. I think I could watch it just for the clothing alone.

  6. Thanks for a great review, I'll certainly check this out! xxx

  7. I was disappointed by the lack of leg warmers and off the shoulder sweaters, but it was fall. Maybe too cold. And it was Indiana and early 80s. Maybe that was later 80s? (Just kidding) The show freaked me out a little (not a horror fan), but I enjoyed the nostalgia. It was definitely a love letter to a certain segment of the 80s.

  8. Love this show and love the fashion on it. I've actually been on a kick recently and have been inspired to get more 80's clothes (my husband's all time favorite decade). It actually didn't occur to me until later when I thought about it that is was inpart due to this show ;) As a child of the 80's I was swooning so hard over all the outfits in this show. I especially loved all of Barbara's outfits with her ruffles. I had no idea it was actually a thing (#wearallbarb)lol

  9. I've just finished watching this too and considered doing a post about it but I love that you got there first! Whenever I've mentioned this show to anyone I've said it's quite possibly the only period drama I've seen that could have easily been made during the time it's based in. Like you say, it's all done very subtly. There's no over the top stylised costumes or sets, it's real life 1980s, exactly as I remember it!

    I loved Barb! She was me at school, I even had glasses like her and they were bright red! I only had to wear them to see the blackboard, so there are no photos unfortunately :). Bizarrely, though, I did spot a black version of her pink jumper on Etsy no so long ago and was very tempted to buy it. I really wish I had now!

    There's so many nods to 80s shows and films in this such as ET, The Goonies, The Breakfast Club, Aliens, Back to the Future, and so many more. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

  10. I skimmed very carefully through your post to avoid spoilers as I'm still watching this, but I really do enjoy it. And Winona has been one of my major girlcrushes for years so I'm really pleased to see her in something successful once more.


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