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Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Perfectly Simple Dress

When it comes to vintage style I prefer it simple, or my version of simple. Which is basically an easy wear dress with some cute and quirky touches.  I have just such a dress from the Black Pinafore , this is my third Black Pinafore dress, she also made my hooded Christmas coat dress and my burgandy pinafore.  I love all my outfits from Deborah, but this time the third times the charm because this late 30s or early 40s style dress is perfection and my favorite of the three. 

The dress has a beautiful and flattering style  that reminds me of the late 30s. It's a ringer for this 1939 dress pictured The 1930s Fashion Sourcebook. 

The red buckle on the belt and the hat shaped buttons 

are super cute and match my thrifted red and green Bakelite bangles. Deborah also made a hat to go with the dress. It's beautiful! Different from any vintage style hat I own. It is soft in structure and tilted with a bit of a Robin Hood flare. 

I had the perfect shoes for the dress too 1940s wedges from remix. I got these for 50 percent off a lucky find, and so comfortable. 

Plus  the perfect pin from Merriweather. A 1940s inspired love letters brooch. 

All I can say is thank you Deborah for making my vintage outfit dreams come true. Until next time, for summer I'm seeing something nautical.......


  1. The simple lines are just elegant...

  2. You look sensational, Kate! Your new dress is gorgeous, as is your hat. Wonderful, well coordinated styling. I love this whole look to bits!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. The hat is adorable and looks so cute on you!

  4. Saw your pics on Instagram... that green is very pretty on you!

  5. This one is fantastic. And the hat is just perfect.

  6. Looking all round elegant today!
    Lovely outfit.

  7. I agree, this is perfect. The fit, the colours, the hat, THE BUTTONS. I really love the buttons.

  8. I agree, this is perfect. The fit, the colours, the hat, THE BUTTONS. I really love the buttons.

  9. Fabulous dress, love the shape, colour and the trimmings. It really suits you, as does the hat.

  10. Love this dress and love the matching hat that goes with it! <3 Such a great ensemble!

  11. Thank you Kathy, you, well I admit, the line of this dress, while being simple, exalts me a lot. And I love the contrast of the buttons with the color of the fabric, too bad, I have finished this linen, and I wonder how I could have consumed 26 meters of fabric ...... I love the brooch and the shoes ... very, remix shoes will be my next purchase, but the white scotty brooch on instagram Merriweather love too. Soooon

  12. You are absolutely stunning in it. It just seems like the perfect style for you.


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