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Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday's With Fred-Young Fred and Tige the Pitbull

Fred Astaire didn't start his film career until he was in his thirties, but he was already a seasoned performer.  He began dancing on the vaudeville circuit with his sister Adele when he was only 5 years old!  The picture below of Fred with a pit bull was probably taken when he was about ten years old.   He looks so cute, already dapper in his buster brown collar.  Though he is very young can still recognize that distinctive long face, homely but handsome (or at least I think so).   Im not sure if this dog was Fred's own or a fellow performer, dog acts where very popular in vaudeville.  I remember reading in Fred's autobiography Steps in Time that he and his sister Adele used to open for a dog act.  One copy of this image  listed the dogs name as Tige, but I have know idea if its accurate or not.  Regardless, the photo is a lovely reminder of a time when pit bulls where recognize for the great, intelligent, and  loving family dogs they are.  


  1. I finks I likes Fred Astaire mores now I nose he luffed dogs, he must haf been a nice man
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. What a cool picture and story
    Lily & Edward

  3. That was a good story. Good picture....stella rose

  4. I didn't know that about Fred Astaire, he looked like a performer even then.
    Lynne x

  5. That's a very cute picture of Fred Astaire! Knowing it's him, I kind of recognize his chin :-)

  6. What an adorable dog!!! I'm strike by there are elements of its face that look so much like Annie's (not all that surprisingly though, as she is half American Bulldog and they can look a lot like the pit breeds).

    ♥ Jessica


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