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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Vintage Outfit Post-Rocket to the Moon

I want to thank everyone who sent Tubby well wishes.  He seems more alert during the day but still confused at night. Thankfully his appetite is excellent.

The dress in this post isn't new to me at all, in fact its one of the first vintage inspired  things I bought approximately three years ago when I started really getting into vintage style.   Its a Trashy Diva 1950s style repro dress, and while the 50s aren't my usual decade being a sic-fi nut the print on this dress made it a must have for me.   I've worn it before on the blog too, specifically when I went to to a Star Trek convention (surely there isn't a more perfect convention dress out there).    

 So why am I posting about such an old dress now?  The reason is that sometimes you have an item in your closet for a long time and it takes awhile to gather the right accessories that really turn the item into a perfect outfit.  Thats the case with me and this dress.  Over the past three years I have added things to my closet that when combined with the dress make, what is for me at least, the perfect 1950s sci-fi outfit.  Now I don't pretend this look is in anyway accurate to the era, its more an interpretation of the 50s then an exact reenactment, but thats beside the point, its a really a fun look!  Its definitely very costumey but sometimes I kind of like that.

I think what took the dress to the next level is the mod cloth petticoat I wore under it:

It really shows the volume of the skirt and the 50s shape of the dress.  

This is my first petticoat and I really like it.  It does feel bit like a costume, particularly in red, but its fun! Petticoats  may make your hips wider, but in doing so they sure make your waist look smaller which isn't a bad thing.  The  Miss L Fire shoes are pretty fun too.   A four year old girl ran up to me to ask me about them.  I was very flattered because I think four year olds often have better taste then adults (that probably explains this outfit).  

For my birthday my husband generously gifted me with 1950s dead stock cats eye sunglasses that go perfectly with this dress. 

Its hard to see in the photo but  they have little stars and rhinestones on them!  I've had the star hair clip forever, I can't even remember where I got it.

Maybe my favorite thing about the outfit though is the pin I'm wearing.  A blog reader generously sent it to me!   How sweet is that?  Its a retro Enterprise pin of course!

This outfit is now completely perfect, at least as far as I'm concerned, where as before it was just a cute dress.  Now I just have to nab some tickets for the NYC comic con this year, and if I do Ill certainly be wearing this!  


  1. You went to a Star Trek convention ???? Oh Mum is green wiv jellyness!
    I luffs your dress, the petticoat is amazing!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. My mother had those glasses in the 50's!! Love them :-)

  3. Mommy loves your sunglasses
    Lily & Edward

  4. What a great ensemble! Loving the petticoat and shoes and sunglasses.
    Lynne x

  5. Oh what a wonderful cool outfit, and you look amazing to the stars and back.
    stella rose

  6. Great outfit! I could definitely see wearing that to a Sci-fi convention.

  7. That dress is just so perfect on you :)

  8. Yep, that's a perfect look for Comic Con. My daughter and grandson went this year. She had her picture taken with Carey Ewes and was in 7th Heaven. If they go next year I am going with them.

  9. WE noticed the cool glasses right away! Great outfit!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  10. I have some blog reading catch up to do but I hope Tubby is okay! I saw this dress in my feed and had to jump on to this post! I love everything about this outfit! It's one of my favorite dresses and prints <3 One day I hope to have one in this cut of my very own! You look great! <3

  11. Looks perfect for a Sci-Fi convention.....

    Glad Tubby is feeling perky.

  12. That really suits you. Nice one. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  13. That dress looks such fun to wear! The pin is very cute. How sweet of your blog friend to send it to you. And your husband picked such cool glasses! You look wonderful!

  14. i LOVE it! it looks so perfect with that petticoat and those shoes! and i loooooove the pin of course.

  15. Yes I agree--the petticoat is awesome. My body comes complete with large hips so I have learned to love the full skirt!

  16. Just gorgeous! I love all the accessories you have used to put this outfit together.

  17. Fabulous outfit! It has come together so well!


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