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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter To You

Given my fondness for hats and for Fred Astaire it should come as no surprise that I love Easter.  I only really started getting into vintage two years ago, but in that time selecting my yearly Easter bonnet has been a favorite activity of mine. 

Last year I had a great time at the 5th Avenue Easter Parade.  This year I thought it was just too cold to wear my Easter finery without a coat so we decided to have breakfast at a local diner and spend the day with the dogs.  I still wore my Easter outfit of course and I really think this may be my favorite vintage outfit ever.  The dogs had plenty of Easter finery too. Prepare for photo overload. 

My dress is from Hey Day Vintage.   It's one of their Mary dresses, a 1940s style I really love. They are so comfortable, easy to wear, and figure flattering. My hat is fro Etsy shop Fab Gabs. It's a 1940s original and I got it months ago during one of their sales. I knew it was perfect for Easter. Today was my first time wearing it. My camera phone photos really don't do it justice. 

  I tried to get John to pose too, but he prefers to be the photographer. The pugs outfits are from Deb of pug possessed Etsy shop. So cute!!!!

Of course we had to reward the pups for their posing. They got a very nice basket. They really loved the lamb chop toy. 

We hope everyone has a wonderful Easter. 


  1. Love the hat! LOVE the dress! LOVE the PUGS!! Hoppy Easter to all of you!!


  2. You look stunning in the dress and lovely hat! I love the color of the dress, very elegant!
    And your babies are adorable in Easter outfit :-) Looks like they enjoyed the basket!
    Happy Easter to you all. Have a wonderful new week!

  3. Your hat and dress look stunning!! I especially love the flowers and shape of the hat. And your dogs look really adorable in their outfits too. Happy Easter!

  4. Easter Parade was on here yesterday....(Easter!) Happy Easter!

  5. Looking so festive. Happy Easter to you all. May the day bring lots of treats and fun.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. LOVE the dress! and hat too!!
    Happy Easter
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  7. Happy belated Easter! Great pics!

  8. I'm a day late, but Happy Easter just the same!

  9. That is a great outfit, and hat! Hope your day was fantastic.

  10. It's so wonderfully sweet that you do Easter baskets for your pets. We do Christmas stockings and birthday gifts for ours, but haven't ventured into Easter present territory yet. I think I'll give it a spin next year. They'll certainly enjoy it! :)

    Your Easter outfit is positively gorgeous - that hat is such a stunner!

    ♥ Jessica

  11. Love your Easter outfit! That dress and that hat are amazing on their own but are so beautiful paired together! Looks like you had a fantastic Easter this year even without the 5th Ave Easter parade! <3


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