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Monday, December 21, 2015

Weekend Re-Cap: Santa has Been Replaced By a Digital Fraud and Visitors

We made a disturbing discovery this weekend.  In an example of the digital age gone out of control Santa:

has been apparently replaced by a digital copy.  We where all set to go to Pet Smart for our annual photos with Santa when I called the store to check the time and was informed that this year they had a "virtual" Santa.  Meaning they take your pet's picture and then photoshop Santa in!  No thank you!  I want a real Santa in my pictures.  We decided not to make the 45 minute drive and just dressed the dogs up in their Christmas finery at home:

 I wrapped up the cat and dog presents and put them in the stockings:

and we relaxed:

We where waiting for a visitor.  My former co-workers dog is staying with us for two weeks over the Holidays.  His  name is Ollie and he has been here a few times, but not for several years.  He seemed to fit in pretty easily:

In  fact everyone is getting on so well that on Sunday we left them for a few hours.  I dressed up in a vintage outfit that was a big departure from my usual a 1960s look with sparkly capri pants.

I still love my 1920s, 30s , ad 40s clothes, but as I get older I get more into the  Kitschy fun looks of the 1950s and 60s.  I think they suit my personality.  Im turning 38 in March and so  on the cusp of forty, but I think I'm getting less mature as I age.  I can definitely see wearing more of these fun, kitschy looks as I enter my middle years. 

We went out to one of my very favorite restaurants.  BCDC Tofu house.  It serves Korean soft tofu, which is a boiling pot of tofu and meat or seafood and vegetables.  Its so delicious and comes with a plethora of pickles.  I always order the seafood pancake too and am then totally stuffed:

Luckily the pants are very stretchy.

I'm still pretty annoyed about virtual Santa but overall it was a pretty perfect weekend.


  1. Your pictures of the Christmas Pets are waaaay better than Santa pictures anyway! And yes, the 60's look suits you!!

  2. I love those sparkly pants!

    I never take my dogs for Santa pics but decided to this year. I go to my favorite dog food store and they had a live Santa ;-) However, when the woman managing the shoot sent me a link to the pictures, they weren't mine! And she's never replied to my email asking for a different link. So that was a waste of time :-(

  3. Well, that stinks. I never asked ours if it was a real or virtual Santa, as we went to a local place and got a gorgeous shot of Penny with Santa. Do you have any other places nearby that you can go to? Do you have a Bass Pro Shops?

  4. Katy would never deal with a virtual Santa. Half the fun is Santa gives awesome massages in order to get her to stay for the pictures. No virtual Santa could accomplish that. Also the dogs would never stay without Santa holding them. I just don't see it having a great conclusion. The only reason to go out is to meet Santa. Bailey has been going since the first year we got him. I have all the Santa pics since the first one done on a very simple printer, a poloraid, and the more advanced digital records.

    Last year we the charity Santa's were too late for our card so we ended up going to the dog day at the Mall Santa in order to get our Christmas cards out in time.

  5. That is terrible. Why not just have a virtual Christmas? All of the dogs look so cute in their little outfits with the Pug unhappy faces.

    If I tried to dress my dogs i would have coal in my stockings and poop in my shoes.

  6. What a virtual santa, we do not like the direction this is taking........your pants were so cute.
    stella rose
    ps. your babies were pretty cute in their clothes also!

  7. I luffs the outfits, so cute and the stockings are pawsome!
    Oh and Mum says she wants your capris!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  8. Virtual can do that at home! Who wants to pay for a virtual santa....sheesh!

  9. ugh, VIRTUAL SANTA??? i hate that! The petsmart by us doesn't do an official santa anymore, but they usually let a rescue come in and do the photos now. last year it was a bassett rescue.

  10. You guys are hilarious
    Happy Holidays
    Lily & Edward

  11. Sounds like you had lots more fun than visiting a "Virtual" Santa....

  12. It's very disappointing that they don't do a photo with real Santa.
    Your babies are all adorable in holiday outfit! And Ollie is such a cute woofie. I hope you all have fun together :-)

  13. Ewwwwww....virtual santa???

    Love those pants! They are ridiculously amazing.

  14. Virtual Santa? That is so weird. I wonder how it would have turned out. We were lucky enough to get my sweet girl Murkurie with santa at Petco one year. It's too bad that I didn't know before that it was an annual thing they did. I would have taken her back for another year! I do love your pics from all your kids at home though. They all look so great in their Holiday attire! Your pug with his cape and hat is the best! Love your sparkly outfit too! It's fun to see you dressing in different decades! :)

  15. Sorry the human Santa didn't make it to the PetSmart. Guess he was doing some last-minute present wrapping. You guys look so awesome in your holiday finery! Glad your mom and dad had a good time at the tofu house. Sounds YUMMY! Happy Holidays to you all!!!



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