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Monday, December 14, 2015

Vintage Outfit Post-In Which I Dress Up Like a White and Gold Kitschmas Tree

One of my favorite things about the Christmas season has always been the sparkles.  From aluminum trees, to spangly dresses I love it all.

When I saw this amazing white and gold patio dress set on sale at Fab Gabs this summer I immediately loved it.  It reminded me of sparkling Christmas lights, golden tinsel and of something else I love, Star Trek dress uniforms:

I think its the gold trim.  I snagged it up thinking it might have to be a summer dress, as its cotton and patio or squaw dresses where traditionally meant for serving drinks on the patio.    I was still dreaming of it how nice and glitzy it was for the Holidays.   Its been unseasonably warm so I decided to take the plunge and wear it:

   It might be the most out there thing I've ever worn and even with my experience of outrageous outfits I felt a little self conscious, like a white and gold Christmas tree,  but it was such a fun outfit.   I got a few odd stares but ignored them.  Im  very shy and when I was younger I would have been much too afraid to dress like this, but as I get older I realized who cares!

I accessorized my dress with gold remix vintage shoes, a thrifted lucite purse, atomic earrings from the alamo basement, cats eye sunglasses and a white and gold hair flower from Chatter Blossom.

I didn't stay very long at the event because the friend I was with wanted to leave but the music was nice and it was prettily decorated.  It kind of reminded me of Dancing on The Edge, a miniseries I really enjoyed.

Im hoping to go back next year, but in the meantime I plan to wear this again. Life is too short not to have fun!

Merry Kitschmas (here is my new life motto):


  1. LOL I love that new motto! :D I also love your new dress. It's so perfect as a Christmas season dress but I can also see it being equally as perfect as a summer hosting dress. Your hair flower is the perfect finishing touch with this dress too! <3

  2. Mom thinks it is a lovely dress! you only live once - be yourself!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  3. I just love it...and it really compliments your hair color!!

  4. I think that dress is beautiful and it makes a perfect Christmas party dress! Love it!

  5. I love it when people march or dress to their own drummer. Of course you look so cute in that outfit, I can see why you don't let other people define you.

  6. Good for you. I agree life is too short not to do what you want, wear what you want, etc. I especially LOVE that purse.

  7. i love it! i don't think it is too out there! But maybe I have weird taste too. haha! anything with gold trim makes me think of star trek uniforms. i especially love the regular uniforms with the gold rick rack!

  8. Love the motto and the dress! I am getting to be more bold in my dress as I get older - but not too much yet! Hopefully there is more bravery to come :)

  9. Very cool. Oh my mom had that tree one year
    Lily & Edward

  10. Great dress, great motto, and love the Star Trek dress uniform reference! :) I'm shy too and always feel very self conscious if I dress in something noticeable - I'm also very tall, so stand out because of that too. You're my hero!

  11. Wow your dress is superb!! You look so beautiful and gorgeous in it. Love the hair flower, too. And I love your life motto!

  12. I love your aluminum tree and you look adooorable in the dress! It's a gorgeous find, love the white and gold. :)

  13. Your hair is so cute,, and we love the Star Trek clothes!

  14. So right, life's too short not to have fun! I think if people were staring it was because you look so beautiful in that outfit. I love the shoes too.
    Great life motto :)

  15. Great Dress! You certainly have a knack for finding matching accessories, too! That party looks really cool - I love those Chinese lanterns.

  16. That dress is just wonderful and perfect for the Holiday season!! Wow it's really pretty and you accessorized it so fantastically (if that is a word hahaha).

    Good for you on not caring what others think. They are just envious that they did not think to dress that Fab.

    Great post :) Happy Kitschmas!!


  17. What a fabulous glitzy dress! Love the accessories you added too!

  18. What an awesome ensemble! I just love that your brought a traditionally summery/warm weather garment into your winter wardrobe. Awesome styling and idea!

    Big hugs & joyful Christmas wishes,
    ♥ Jessica


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