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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Brotherly Love and Hugs

My husband and I are big fans of the long running, 11 years and counting,  cult hit fantasy show Supernatural.  Its far too complex to explain to a newbie, but basically its about two VERY CLOSE brothers who spend their time hunting demons, helping humans, and walking in and out of hell like it has a revolving door.  The closeness of the brothers is a major part of the show and there are lots of hugs.

The hugs are in fact so paramount to the show that there are fan websites devoted to ranking hugs and counting hugs .  There are even innumerable you tube hug montages like the one below, which is missing three seasons worth of hugging.

Another thing about the show is that the peripheral characters always refer to , the brothers Sam and Dean, as "the boys."  My husband and I have taking to calling Weasley and Fry "the boys." Due to their closeness and their tendency to hug.  A few days ago my husband texted me these picture of the "the boys" hugging and having a Supernatural moment.  Im pretty sure its the cutest thing Ive ever seen.


  1. I wouldn't consider myself a big fan of Supernatural but I have watched (and enjoyed) many episodes. Like any long running series I eventually get bored...Sam sure has grown up over the years!

    Your pugs are way beyond adorable! What great pictures. I can feel the love!

  2. Beyond cute and what a fun way to stay warm. I love to cuddle up in my dogs on long winter evenings.

  3. That is soooo sweet!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  4. I love the show but sadly have fallen off the Supernatural bandwagon several seasons back... after the initial 7 seasons I lost track of things and am now completely confused where to pick it back up. It doesn't help that my memory is completely useless when it comes to trying to remember movies and TV shows I've seen. So cute about your boys though! Such a wonderful brotherly pair!

  5. That is indeed a wonderful demonstration of hugging from 'the boys'.

  6. You two are so cute! Brothers gotta stick together! Good way to stay warm during the winter, too.


  7. Adorable photos of Weasley and Fry!!!!

  8. Those pics are SO adorable! (But Im totally out of it - 11 seasons, and I've never even heard of it. I live under a rock.)

  9. Sweet pics... Sophie & Penny are pretty much the same.

  10. I would happily welcome a Jenson Ackles hug! I used to watch Supernatural but gave up after about the 5th series as I kept missing it. I'm sure its still fab though!

  11. I've never seen the show but it must be very good as it's running for such a long time! Weasley and Fry are adorable hugging each other! Btotherly love & hug are beautiful :-)

  12. Yep, definitely over-the-moon adorable!!! It's awesome that these two pups get along so well. That's the kind of harmony amongst four legged family members that ever pet owner dreams of.

    ♥ Jessica


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