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Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Corsages and Jatzen Sweaters

Back in the glory days of festive Holiday wear, the mid century period of the 1950s and 60s, nearly everyone would make a trip to the five and dime to snag a Christmas corsage for the festive season:

No party outfit would have been complete without a bit or sparkle often in the form of a corsage.  

Sadly, like so many other fun aspects of seasonal dressing the Christmas corsage has long faded from view.  I however am a major fan and look forward to wearing my corsages every season.   I first had a gold angel, which I sadly lost when it fell of my coat.  Christmas corsages are not very sturdy:

This year I decided on a fun atomic looking number with a reindeer and turquoise, red, and silver accents.

I really like it!  I particularly love it paired with my 1940s Jatzen taxi sweater.   I even broke festive dressing rules and wore it before Thanksgiving, these pictures where takenon Tuvok's first birthday, Novemeber 11.


Merry Kitschmas!



  1. Those look so festive. I wonder why they went out of style.

  2. What festive dressing! And when was the last time any of us saw the word "boutonnierres" in advertising?!

  3. I wish things would go back to some of the old fun styles and dressing up for occasions!

  4. Oh I've never heard of Christmas corsages before. This must be the precursor to the modern Christmas brooches they sell at department stores :) Sorry to hear about your Christmas angel corsage getting lost, I do love your new atomic reindeer corsage though!

  5. We think Tuvok makes a good corsage, too! BOL!

  6. I love that you often shine the spotlight on accessories and garments that often all but forgotten, dear Kate. Thank you for this delightful Christmas post and look at a fabulously fun accessory. All of your Christmas corsages/brooches look terrific on you!

    ♥ Jessica

  7. i loooooove corsages too! i usually only wear them if we are going to someone's house, so i know i can find it if it falls off! your reindeer one this year is so sweet!


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