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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sci Fi Saturday-A Geeky Garland

My husband often teases me about being a bit obsessed with my favorite TV shows and perhaps caring a smidgen too much about what happens to fictional characters in a fictional world.  He's not wrong!  When I like something I tend to get a tad obsessed and I've always liked the sorts of television shows that inspire fanatical devotion (though I like to think I'm somewhere in the middle ground of fans, snug between the casual viewer and the fully costumed convention attendee).   While I was trying to decide what sort of Christmas garland to make for our mantle I got to think about the geeky valentines from geek crafts and decided to use photo shop to make a garland of Christmas cards from some of my favorite shows.

I'm not very good with crafting, to say the least, and I'm not much good at photo shop either but it was still very easy and I really like the end result.  To make the garland all you need is a cheapo Christmas foil garland that is not to thick, I  used a 2 dollar silver  garland from Target, card stock, a single hole puncher, scissors, photo shop, and a color printer:

To make a card all you do is select an image from the internet and drag it into I photo from there you can copy it into photo shop and then create a colorful background and add your desired text.  The geek crafts valentines post explains more about how to do it.   After making a card you just print it out on card stock and cut it out.  In making my cards I was greatly helped by earlier geeks who had created cards with my favorite characters, for example  all I had to do was google Star Trek Christmas to get a dizzying assortment of trekmas themed cards.  

 I made Trek cards from Kirk and Spock and Uhura and the Next Generation Crew

Supernatural cards from the Winchesters and Castiel

MST3K cards from Joel, Mike, and The Bots

 Twin Peaks cards from The Log Lady and Agent Cooper:

And cards from Mulder and Scully of the X Files and the Futurama Crew (the X Files art work was created by some other sci fi nerd I just copied it onto the card):

Once I had my cards I punched holes in the top of each card and strung them on my garland and taped it to my mantle.

 The whole project took less then an hour and my Christmas helpers napped in their PJs the entire time.


  1. How terrifically cool, what a fun, creative idea! Love the Agent Copper one - Twin Peaks was such a great show.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Your fireplace is so timelessly beautiful!

  2. That is fun and clever.
    Have a serene Sunday and partake of some big easy today.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. How creative, and I love how you decorated your fireplace!

  4. When I was a little girl, the only TV show that would make me sit down and watch was "Star Trek: Voyager" loved that show!

  5. Very neat. I love their stockings as well.

  6. I guess this means you haven't got our postcard yet.

    I'm not a Star Trek person but I'm a big fan of Leonard Nemoi (I'm not sure of the spelling). He starred in my favorite sci-fi, "Fringe"

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