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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Clothes of Christmas Past-Vintage Oufit Post

There is something charmingly vintage about Christmas outfits.   By this I mean outfits in red and green with sparkly details or novelty decorations.   These days people may get a new outfit for the Holidays but I think its not as common to see Christmas colors.   If the advertisements of the past are to be believe it seems that  people were once unafraid to dress, without irony, for the season

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Nowadays dressing in a Christmassy  outfit is usually seen as a joke, which I think is a shame.  I haven't worn anything Christmassey myself since I was a little girl 30 years ago, but this year I decided to put together a vintage Christmas look (sorry for the indoor photos it was too cold the day I took them to go outside)

The shamrock green jumper is from Jitterbuggin'. Their clothes are perfect replicas of 1940s originals but with the durability of modern clothing.  This green jumper is one of my favorite articles of clothing and I wrote about it previously in this post.   Its made of really thick good quality cotton fabric so you can wear it in any season. I actually have two jumpers one in navy and one in green, but the green is my favorite, both are totally worth the price.
My 1930s sweater is from Vintage and Cool Knitting  Its made from an original 1930s pattern and its another one of my favorite pieces of clothing.  I wrote about it in this post. Regiane's prices are very reasonable and I'm already thinking about my next sweater.

The cherry pin is from Lilyashlys on Ebayshe makes really nice 1940s style jewelry for very reasonable prices.  

  I made one new purchase for this outfit, everything else I already had, I wanted to be able to do some vintage Holiday hair and since mine is short  I decided a barrette was the way to go.  I got this 1950s candy cane barrette from Rose Bud Cottage on Etsy.  Enjoy your Holidays and don't be afraid to dress up and be festive, it will brighten your day!


  1. Nice post. I really like your vintage hand knitted sweater. I have always meant to try and knit something for myself from one of my vintage books and booklets but never have taken the time. The stitch gauge is always so tiny!

  2. I love the blogs cover photo. I'm so far behind I missed the changing of the blog name. Are you merging Urban Hounds with your Vintage blog?

    I like to dress for the season. I've decided I'm wearing what makes me smile and I don't care what others think about it. Mostly it's earrings and pins. I used to have the "cheesy" Christmas sweatshirts.

    I like all the vintage photos of Christmas clothes and now I want to go shopping.

  3. Fabulous images and you look lovely. Have a serene Sunday and get in some big easy today.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. I love your Christmas outfit! You look very pretty!
    And the candy cane barette is very cute. Gives fun and festive accent on your hair :-)

  5. You look so lovely and festive. I think it's a shame that Christmas-dressing isn't more common. Perhaps if everyone took a peek at your blog, they'd see how good it can look!

  6. A great outfit! I'm going over to checkout Vintage and Cool Knitting.

  7. Well done you! I applaud you for looking at the "Christmas outfit" in a different and positive light. Your outfit is adorable too! Love the extra little touch of candy cane in your hair! Hope you had a merry christmas!!


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