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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Vintage Outfit Post-A 1930s Suit For a Walk in The Park

There's no fabric better suited to autumn then tweed:

It just makes me want to wade through leaf piles and sip apple cider, and there's no better way to wear tweed then in a suit.  

I've actually had the tweed suit I'm wearing in this post for awhile it was one of the first vintage outfits I bought, and I featured it on the blog two years ago in a tribute post to one of my favorite fictional style icons, Miss Marple.  However, I was never completely satisfied with that post, I'm not sure why but I just didn't think I had done the suit justice.

Sometimes time passes and you sort of grow into an article of clothing, and that is what I think happened here.    

A few week ends ago, I wore the suit for a quiet day at home and walk in the park and felt like I had traveled in time back to 1932.

I paired it with my 1930s style oxfords from American Duchess and a brown 30s hat and a crochet 30s handbag that were also two of my first vintage purchases.  The dog brooch is a newer find, it's from Mrs. Polly's Lucite, and the poodle necklace is one of my favorite things ever because it was given to me by the lovely Jessica of Chronically Vintage.

Two years ago I think I worried that this suit was a bit, well, dowdy, but I don't really think that any more, or perhaps I just no longer mind looking dowdy.

 The 30s was a brilliant era for cut and this suit manages to be fitted without being tight, and unlike later structured suits, it's almost fluid.  The tweed is also nice and soft, not the nubby scratchy stuff you usually find.  The color weave is really neat too, it's mostly grey but upon closer inspection there are bits brown in it. 

One thing people are always curious about when you talk about wearing vintage is causal wear.  People are always asking what I wear for lazy days, and the answer is often something like this.  There's absolutely nothing uncomfortable about this outfit and I could walk ten miles in these shoes, people in the past new what they where doing, and I really feel that a cute vintage dress, nice high waist jeans, or a well made suit, are more comfortable then any pair of yoga pants could ever be, or at least they are for me.  I truly never felt comfortable in my own skin before embracing my vintage look four years ago and I love exploring looks from different eras for every season.

Fall is fleeting, enjoy every moment!


  1. That is the perfect outfit for walking four happy dogs..

  2. A suit for walking in the park. We were thinking times have changed...usually it's trackie pants and old shirt here. We, of course, love the broach!

  3. I love the outfit….the hat just makes it! Pawfect
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. All your vintage outfits look great and I love when you tell the history.

  5. Wow, so stylish! That's great that those shoes are so comfortable!

    I think I heard dowdy is the new sexy! :)

  6. I absolutely love this suit and the entire outfit! I couldn't think of anything more perfect to wear on an Autumn walk. I really, really wish I'd ordered those shoes when they had them in my size, I just love them so much. Grrrrr! xx

  7. A tweed suit is the perfect outfit for wading through a carpet of leaves, and yours is very elegant indeed. I love the brooch too. xxx

  8. A gorgeous suit and you've styled it so beautifully too. Perfect for autumn

  9. Walk in the park in style! Love your outfit!

  10. Wow!! What a beautiful vintage suit! You look amazing in that outfit.
    Completely speechless, and the pups look adorable as well.

    Very cute pictures, thank you for sharing with us!

    Have a wonderful day!


  11. Fantastic outfit! Everything looks so perfect on you! <3

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