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Monday, November 14, 2016

Happy Birthday Mr. Tuvok

I just cant believe this little guy is two!   

Where did the time go!   Anyway, Mr. Tuvok had a great time opening presents on his 2nd birthday, as did his pug brothers who seemed to think it was there birthday too.

Since Tuvok's birthday is in November we gave him gifts with a Thanksgiving theme.  The best was the beautiful sweater from Pug notes, Melissa did an amazing job again.

He also got a set of cute Thanksgiving bandannas

and a Tyler talking turkey from multipet.

Sadly, Tyler Turkey is already no more.  He survived all of four hours before a post bath Weasley and Fry tore him to bits.   

Despite Tyler Turkeys unfortunate demise, Tuvok seemed to enjoy his birthday, though he didn't love the party collar he is wearing in these photos.

He loved the burger from White Castle for his birthday cake, but there are no photos because for the 2nd time my Samsung Galaxy 6 overheated for no reason and had to be wiped.  I really don't like this phone but am stuck with it because of a contract.  I just purchased a digital camera with wi-fi from Amazon for blog photos and I'm hoping that will work better and improve the photo quality on the blog, which I do think is lacking.

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Happy Birthday little guy.
    Tuvok, you are looking absolutely spiffing.
    Toodle pip!

  2. What a fun party. Happy birthday

  3. happy birthday to Tuvok!
    a little white castle burger is the perfect idea for a dog birthday cake! I might have to steal that idea for my girls next year.

  4. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you YOU, Tuvok! Looks like are having a great time! I love how you are just an excited blur in that first photo! :) I have heard of White Castle but never had one myself. Gotta add that to my bucket list. Keep celebrating, pal!


  5. Happy Birthday Tuvok!🎈🎂🎉
    Can't believe you are 2 already, what a cutie.
    Elliot and Cricket x

  6. Happy Birthday Tuvok…live long and prosper handsome fella
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. Happy Happy Birthday Mr Tuvok. We are both now two!! Where does the time go!
    Bailey & Hazel too!

  8. Happy Birthday, Tuvok! We can't believe you're two already either!!

  9. Happy birthday Mr. Tuvok! Isn't he looking cute? Shame about the turkey ... xxx

  10. Belated happy birthday to Mr Tuvok! Live long and prosper...

  11. Happy birthday Mr. Tuvok! Looks like it was a wonderful birthday. Love seeing all the dogs in their sweaters. Sorry to hear about your phone. I hope the new camera works out well.


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