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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Reader I Met Him-The Cherry Hill Star Trek Convention

A more accurate title for this post would be "Reader I glimpsed him for 1 second and Took an Akward Picture" but I couldn't resist using using a play on the Charlotte Bronte quote.

Last Sunday I attended the Creation Entertainment  Star Trek convention in Cherry Hill, NJ.  It was my second convention and the first time I went alone, which I was nervous about at first, but I had a great time.  I wore favorite vintage sci-fi outfit.  My rocket skirt from Girl in  A Whirl

 and I used the Star Trek lunch box a friend game me as a purse.

A few of the convention attendees asked me in a confused way if I was dressed as a character from the show, many people where, and I had to explain I always dress like this.  One women told me I was very brave which I found interesting since I don't think of myself that way at all.   I'm shy!  

The main reason I went to the convention was to hear William Shatner.  He gave a talk that I really enjoyed even if I could barely see.  I bought a ticket to have my picture taken with him and along with tons of other people I lined up for a picture.  You only get one second, he looks at you, says thank you and snap, picture taken.  I think a little akward in the picture, and Shatner may look like a card board cut out, but I'm still happy I did it and the picture is now hanging prominently on my living room wall.

I had fun walking around the convention too.  Trekkies are usually very friendly people so I had nice conversations with several people.  I bought a Star Trek wobbler cat toy:

Its a Klingon warrior and I love the little beard.  I already have a few Star Trek dog toys but this was the first Star Trek cat toy I've ever seen.

I also bought a Gorn ornmanent.  

The Gorn episode is one of my favorites:

I saw a lot of the same vendors from last year:

There was also a model of the Nomad probe from the famous The Changeling episode.

In one of the rooms you can talk to some of the actors, and I got the autograph of Max Grodenchick who played Rom on Deep Space Nine, my favorite character on the show.   

The Cherry Hill convention was just the beginning of the my adventures for Star Trek's 50th anniversary.  Yesterday, I got my fifth tattoo.   

It's the Enterprise from the Original Series and its on my right arm so I can wear my geekdom on my sleeve.  I'm not gonna lie it hurt a bit.  My last tattoo, a  dog on my left wrist didn't hurt at all, which made me think this wouldn't hurt.  I was wrong!  I really like it though.

On Sunday, I'm going to the Star Trek Mission New York convention.  Live Long and Prosper!



  1. Love the tatoo! The colors are so vibrant! You may have had just 1 second with Capt. Kirk, but now you are forever etched in his brain cells ;-)

  2. Your tat is really colorful, how pretty. stella rose

  3. I think our friends in Haddonfield, NJ went too. What fun
    Lily & Edward

  4. What an awesome Tattoo!!! ohhh so cool! And I'm jealous you got to meet William Shatner, even for a second :) He is in town in Toronto for our Comic Con this weekend.

    This year at the CNE (a big "Fair" we have every year in Toronto) there was a 50th Anniversary Star Trek exhibit of fan art. It was really cool and there was lot of images of my fav character "Q" :)

    Glad you had fun!


  5. As a fellow Trekkie I live vicariously through you. Willam Shatner looks good for an 80 year old man!
    Love Noodles

  6. Wow, how cool you got picture with William Shatner! Even for one second, it must be a really great experience for funs.
    The Star Trek wobbler toy for kitties is very cute :-)

  7. William Shatner keeps getting better and funnier, how lucky you got a picture with him to have forever. Love your outfit and lunch box.

  8. Steppin' out on your own to do something you really want to do is fantastic. You had a fantastic day, and you didn't need anyone with you. Love the Shatner photo.

  9. How cool - a photo with Willam Shatner! Glad you went!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  10. I'm glad you had fun and were brave enough to go alone AND you got to sit with William Shatner for a picture! Bet he remembers you and your fab hair xx

  11. Wow - Fun! (I love the Gorn episode too!)

    I think of you as brave too - I'm way too shy to dye my hair a color or wear stuff that would make me stand out. I like to blend in! My niece has green hair and folks are always talking to her about it, so I guess i associate having bright colored hair with strangers coming up and talking to me - not something I like. (Now strange dogs.... that's a different story...)

  12. Glad you had a great time, and your outfit was admired. Oh, and having your picture taken with Capt. Kirk, of course! xxx

  13. Oh no, how come I've never heard of him, I love stuff like that!
    Glad you had a good time at the convention, love the hair and the tattoo is very cool.
    I have always wanted a tattoo but never felt brave enough to get one - the funny thing is, I've had 3 kids, surely it can't be as bad as that, LOL!
    Lynne x

  14. To me the tattoo seems much braver than dressing vintage - that doesn't hurt at all!

  15. Too cool for words! Your new ink is awesome! What lovely colouring work on it.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  16. I'm not a Star Trek fan myself but I get the draw of going to a convention. I'd love to go to the San Diego Comic Con one day, that always looks totally awesome. So cool that you go to meet Capt Kirk himself! xx

  17. That tattoo is fantastic. And I had no idea Star Trek cat toys even existed. Will you keep it for yourself or let it get a scragging?

  18. So exciting to hear about your first convention! I hope you had a great time and that you will also have a great time at the next convention. So awesome you got to take your pic with William Shatner! Those pictures go by so quickly but it's so much fun getting to meet a favorite star in person and having a great souvenir to keep forever! <3

  19. i LOVE your tattoo so much! it turned out perfectly.
    I also love that gorn ornament! that is one of my favorite episodes too. The fight scene it so good!
    I really want to go to a convention, but there hasn't been one within a good driving distance since I've been looking.

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