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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Adventures in Vintage Hair Styling: Fun with Snoods for Snoodtember

There are many wonderful vintage blogs on the web, but one of my favorites is Tanith Rowan's.  Tanith is a brilliant milliner and I adore all of her work.  I interviewed her here, and she made my 1950s coolie hat.  Tanith's blog is devoted to all kinds of vintage head gear, not just her own designs.  There are posts on historical hats and instructional posts for the crafty to make hats of their own, (sadly I am  not among the crafty).  This September Tanith is celebrating the snood:

She has created an instragram hashtag #snoodtember and posted photos of beautiful snoods and tips on how to wear them.   

I'm right alongside Tanith in her love of snoods.   A snood is any sort of net or bag that is designed to hold a woman's hair.  They where particularly popular during the 1940s when women working in factories needed to contain their hair for safety's reasons.

However, snoods where not only for casual wear. They could be dressed up too, like this gorgeous beaded version on Ginger Rogers.

For myself, the appeal of the snood is  the simplicity.  A snood gives you a vintage hair do with basically zero effort, no rollers or pin curls required.   Plenty of vintage fans create elaborate styles to go with their snoods, but as I have zero hair styling talent I just pull my locks into the snood and perhaps curl my bangs.  Easy, peasy, and takes less then two minutes.   I found this post from Vavoom Vintage very helpful when I first started wearing snoods.  

It took me about 30 second to put on this snood

All of my snoods are from Arthelia's Attic, and she makes a beautiful snood.  I am sure you can find them for cheaper but her quality can't be beat and her snoods are beautiful, sturdy, and stay put.  I have four of  them and love them to pieces.   I have gotten plenty of compliments on them, including one lovely lady who told me I brought her right back to her youth in the 1940s.

I love to wear snoods to work since they are so quick to put on:

  But they are great fun for weekends too.   

Snoods are traditionally more of a 1940s accessory, but I like to pair them with 50s looks too.  Like my Bernie Dexter  kitten print dress:

What do you think of snoods?  Do you have a favorite hair accessory?


  1. Had forgotten about snoods. Can certainly see the appeal. Not only gorgeous, but great for those bad hair days!

  2. The snood is one of those fashions that needs to stage a comeback, smart, gorgeous and practical. What more could you want?

  3. Snood looks so comfortable to wear and very pretty, too.
    Love your kitten print dress :-)

  4. You do look fabulous in a snood! I've been really enjoying them myself but I am actually thinking about a bob post-Snoodtember too :) Thank you for the lovely words about my blog and work.

    Also, I love that snood Ginger has on! So glam!

  5. I loved this post, and you are looking so fabulous in your snoods! xxx

  6. You look so cute! I have one snood, no idea where it is, but I used to wear it occasionally for forties events xx

  7. Oh my! I love all your different outfits with these snoods! The purple snood especially looks great with your black hair and that pink one is so cute with your kitten dress. <3 I love snoods. I've collected about 4 of them so far but have to have more courage wearing them out! I do love the way they look! <3

  8. Snoods are magnificent! They're a staple in my vintage wardrobe, too. I have about a dozen at this point (wow!). Lately I've been getting into pinning big brooches to my snoods to jazz them up further.

    I just adore that Tanith has created Snoodtember and hope that it becomes an annual tradition.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica


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