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Monday, May 23, 2016

Vintage Outfit Post-1940s Casual and This Year's First Trip to Demarest Farms

Warm weather is finally here and if your like me then warm weather means more time outside with dogs, as exemplifed by this lovely young lady and her canine companion,

 and such times call for casual clothing.   Thankfully there are plenty of casual vintage looks from a wide range of eras to choose from.   Last week for my first Spring trip to one of my favorite destinations, Demarest Farms, I put together a 1940s inspired look that I really like.  

The blouse is from the Black Pinafore, and is an exact copy of a standard casual 1940s blouse and the sort of shirt that makes an excellent warm weather wardrobe staple.  


I paired the blouse with my Freddies of Pinewood Clam Diggers and some remix sandals.  Strictly speaking these are 50s style pants, but I think they can go 40s too. The image on the right is from the late 40s and the stylish women in it is definitely showing how to do casual cropped pants the right way. The pants are super comfy, and have a nice high waist that works well with vintage blouse styles (all vintage blouses are very short by modern standards).


For accessories  I added my knit turban from Arthelia's Attic, maybe the biggest, most out there hat, in my collection and a luxulite cherry brooch.

I also carried my 1940s coconut purse and of course I loaded on the bakelite:

The finished outfit is just the sort of thing I want to wear for casual warm weather outings.   

Demarest Farms is about a 35 minute drive from our home, but well worth it.  Its very dog friendly and on early weekend mornings, we arrived at 8, not too packed.  We didn't bring Bob because he can be a bit unpredictable in crowded settings, and sometimes Demarest farms is packed, it was getting crowded  when we left.

You can pick fruit at the farm and in the fall they have a pumpkin patch. They also sell flowers.   Dogs aren't allowed in the orchard or store, but they are allowed at all the outdoor tables.

We even saw this little rabbit snacking on grass.  

What I love best about Demarest farms is the apple cider donuts and potato pancakes.  They are freshly made and very delicious.  

We made sure to share them with the dogs and of course we brought one home for Bob.  

I hope to make many more trips to Demarest farm this year.  What are your favorite warm weather destinations?

Vintage Outfit Details

1940s Style Blouse-The Black Pinafore
1940s Style Knit Turban-Arthelia's Attic
1940s Style Cherry Brooch-Luxulite
1950s Style Demim Clam Diggers-Freddies of Pinewood
1940s Style Sandals-Remix


  1. What a great day out!
    As for warm weather destinations - well, I guess we have to leave Scotland for those!
    Toodle pip!

  2. Don't you look cute! And your coconut bag! I had one of those as a child! No idea where it went to mind you :(


  3. Weren't the pants called pedal pushers at one time...also capri pants, matador pants and other names. Your outfit is adorable as usual and so are the happy dogs.

  4. Cute blouse!! Is there anything better than touches of gingham contrast!

  5. What a cute outfit. I'm totally in love with your coconut purse! xxx

  6. It makes sense, woman we out and about doing stuff in the 40's they had to be able to move. The pups look great.

  7. Yes Jan! I remember calling them pedal pushers! very cute outfit
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & mabel

  8. I ADORE THIS OUTFIT. The hat is divine! And your pups are so sweet.

  9. Fabulously cute + fun + charming outfit! I really like the marriage of white and green gingham with an array of Bakelite hues. Great styling!

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  10. What a fun trip to the farm.. I think the doggies enjoyed it!

  11. I love the outfit! Especially that coconut bag, i've never seen one of those before.

    Did any of the dogs want to chase the rabbit?

  12. This is such a pretty outfit. Love the blouse, and cherry brooch very much! The Demarest farms looks very relaxing place to visit. Apple cider donuts, mmm :-)

  13. I've only just recently discovered Black Pinafore but I really like their stuff. The blouse you're wearing here is really lovely, I like the contrast of the green gingham against the white. The donuts look yummy too! xx

  14. I love your outfit! It's such a great casual look that's still impeccably well put together. I have some pants just like those... they aren't Freddies of Pinewood but the pockets are very similar and so is the cut. I will have to brush them off this summer! I still haven't worn them out at all yet! The trip to the farm sounds fantastic! I'd love to find a place nearby to go fruit picking! And those donuts and pancakes sound so tasty!

  15. Great outfit and I love the turban!


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