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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Vintage Outfit Post-1940s Casual All Over Overalls

As I wrote in this post there are plenty of options for vintage style casual looks. One of my absolute wardrobe staples is a good pair of overalls. 

 Overalls where frequently worn by women working in the war effort during the 1940s.  Women working in factories and on farms needed comfort and function.   Which overalls provided in abundance.  

What worked for comfort then, works today as well.  You might not be welding weapons in a factory or growing food for the troops but overalls are perfect for any number of modern day pursuits.   I've had my 1940s style overalls from Nudee Dudee for several years now and I wear them frequently to walk my dogs, bike, garden, and loaf around the house.  Since my job allows for causal clothing, I've worn them to work too.   

Since I sport then so routinely I'm sure I've worn them in photos on the blog before, but I've never done a post devoted to them, and it seems overdue.  

This past Saturday I wore my overalls to bike out to Brooklyn for a visit with my father in law a trip to my favorite restaurant,  Brooklyn Pharmacy.

I paired my overalls with a 1940s style blouse from the Black Pinafore, my Remix 1940s style canvas wedges, a 1940s novelty doll purse, and a big knit turban from Arthelia's Attic.

The Nudee Dudee overalls have a really nice silhouette with comfy wide legs and an era appropriate high waist.  Since I'm a big believer in freedom of fashion expression, I try not to ever comment negatively on anyone's wardrobe choices , but I do not understand the trendy for skinny legged pants.  They look so uncomfortable and are not very flattering unless your a twig.  My overalls are a bit wrinkled here, but then they are overalls and not meant to be pristine.  

The knit Turban hat fro Arthelia's Attic is pretty amazing too.   When I first got it I was afraid I wouldn't have the guts to wear it but now I absolutely love it.   I'm sure it will be appearing on here again.    

Saturday's springy weather was perfect for bike riding and getting to a Brooklyn  was a breeze.

I couldn't resist taking a photo on the Farmacy's adorable pink benches.

I had an Almond Joy Sundae which was insanely good.

Fun fashion for a fun day!

Outfit Details

1940s Style Overalls-Nudee Dudee
1940s Style Blouse-The Black Pinafore
1940s Style Knit Turban-Arthelia's Attic
1940s Style Canvas Wedges-Remix Vintage Shoes
1940s Doll Purse-WKay Vintage
Bakelite Bangles-Brighter Bakelite
1960s Novelty Puzzle Piece Brooch-The now defunct easy shop Wacky Tuna


  1. Adorable, I love how you put blue and green together, a color scheme I usually try to avoid.

    I'm wondering how the wide leg pants went with bicycling. I always wear pedal pushers or skinny leg pants to keep from tangling.

    1. My bike has a covered chain so you can wear skirts and wide legged pants. It's a bobbin birdie. My husband is a bike obsessive and he choose this 4 me because he thought it work with my outfits

  2. Love that shot with the skyline in the background and the one on the pink bench.

  3. You look so pretty in your overall! I adore the look of overalls but somehow I've never owned one. I don't like skinny legged pants, either, for myself which is because my legs are in o-shape and I don't wanna show them off :-)
    That sundae looks insanely yummy! Happy Sunday!

  4. Love your outfit! I've been watching a lot of the show Land Girls lately so it's especially fun to see you out and about wearing your overalls! Sounds like you had a wonderful day out! <3

  5. So fashionable. I agree about overalls, and yours a super cute. I wore them all the time in high school. Yours have a nice feminine cut.

  6. I love overalls and overall shorts, but they are hard to find. They are so nice and comfy when you have work to do that requires bending and stretching because they don't bind, they don't slip and they provide maximum movement.

  7. So cool you find all these clothes. The changes are amazing over the years
    Lily & Edward

  8. I keep thinking of making Wearing History's Homefront overalls and what with you and Emileigh from Flashback Summer showing off your gorgeous ones, I'm totally convinced! You look fab! xx

  9. That's a splendid outfit. I have a set of repro train driver's overalls (I got to drive a steam train last year) bot don't wear them very often. You make yours look really cool.

    And now I *really* want a sundae...

  10. Seriously fabulous outfit! Your headwrap/turban saw my jaw hit the ground! What a stunning piece of head wear!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  11. Just fabulous! Love the turban.


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